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After being on Casting Now for just a month, I've got a well paid job for two weeks being a tourist guide, acting as a witch at Wookey Hole. It will be a lot of fun! I've also modeled in a...

Amy Ricketts

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How to get extras work in films? : Getting extras work in films is not that difficult but it certainly requires one to do specific things in order to find the same quickly and easily. If you are excited to get film extra work, you must begin with building a great portfolio. It should contain your resume describing your acting qualifications and any trainings that you have gone through, your past acting experience » Read More

Is there any specific character profile for film extra jobs? : If you are keen to get film extra work, you might be curious to know if there is any specific character profile that directors/producers look for in extras. It's extremely rare that casting directors will be looking for someone who has gone extensive training as film extras do not have much of the work to do. There are numerous institutes that provide training sessions for extras » Read More

Valuable advice for tv extras : TV extras work is a foot in the door of the tv and film world. Extras work provides struggling actors an opportunity to get acting work, even though minor. But it certainly improves their future prospects by opening many doors for them. If taken seriously, extras film and tv extras work can lead actors on the road to success, fame, and money » Read More

Getting film extras & tv extras work : There could be several reasons why you might be interested in film extras or tv extras work. You might be interested in getting actual acting experience on stage or screen or you might be excited to work alongside a famous actor or with a well known film company » Read More

Is it worth taking up film extra work? : Are you a struggling artist who has been offered film extra work? Do you want to know whether it could be worth taking up extras work? Well, the answer to this would depend on what you are actually expecting out of it. If you are seeking to develop a consistent living out of the extras work then the answer probably is no. » Read More

What to expect when filming as tv extras? : It is well-known fact that tv extras do not get any special treatment at the sets. They are there to fill up the background or stand as extras when the lead actors are doing an important sequence or action. But tv extras work is a good beginning for the actors who are new to the industry » Read More

Important considerations for selecting film extra roles : Extras work provides the much needed platform to young and aspiring actors to hone their acting skills, to get hands-on acting experience from veteran actors, and to improve their future career prospects. And not to forget, it allows actors to earn decent income and visit fascinating places around the world » Read More

How to apply for tv extras roles? : Since tv extras and film extras are not expected to do much than to fill up the background, a lot of people assume that getting extras work is quite easy. But finding tv extra or film extra work can be as challenging as finding the lead role in a tv programme or a film. This is because extras are considered to be an integral part of a scene or a dance sequence in any film or tv serial. » Read More

Making use of online listings for finding extras film roles : For one looking for extras film roles, tv extras, or acting casting auditions, the Internet is certainly the best place to begin one' search. Interested actors can apply directly to the extras work that they like or they find appropriate for them. » Read More

Do you have the right type of personality to get tv extras and film extra role? : If you would look carefully at the type of people who work as tv extras and film extras, you would notice that they are short, tall, fair, dark, thin, fat, handsome, ugly, young, old, and so on and so forth. So, you could be just anyone to get extras work in films and tv. But there are some personality traits that you must possess in order to qualify for the movie extras and tv extras roles. » Read More

Auditions casting calls: Your guide to success! : There are a lot of struggling actors who get tired of receiving auditions casting calls and giving auditions after auditions but do not get any job. One of the reasons for unsuccessful casting auditions is lack of proper understanding of the entire audition process. » Read More

Guidelines for finding extras film & tv work online : With the advent of several websites offering extras film and extras work on tv to young and aspiring actors, most people are turning to the Internet to get an entry into the entertainment industry. These websites offer a quick, convenient, and affordable means of finding extra work in films and TV. But simply getting online doesn't guarantee any success. » Read More

How to be a TV presenter? : There are many of us who wish we could actually work on television and appear as a weather forecaster, children's TV presenter, news anchorman, or a TV presenter for science shows, game shows, history specials, or sports broadcasts. TV presenting jobs promise a life full of name, fame, and fortune. » Read More

Auditions casting calls tips : Auditions are the starting point for a successful and popular acting career. People who aspire to be actors, models, comedians, or dancers on TV or in films have to start from here. But casting calls are challenging. Acting auditions judges and casting auditions agents invite over hundreds of aspiring actors to the auditions so as to select the best of them all that suits their acting role and part to perfection. » Read More

Finding a great extras agency : Aspiring actors interested in saving up time and money must utilise the services of extras agency. These acting agencies basically work to match tv production houses, film producers, directors and aspiring actors with each other. They maintain a vast database of acting casting auditions and the latest job openings and on finding the right talent, they recommend them those roles. » Read More

Understanding the whole process of casting auditions : Auditions are organised by casting agents or producers directors in order to search talented and capable actors for heir upcoming tv programmes and films. Casting auditions are also done for selecting models, dancers, extras, and other artists for tv commercials, theatres, and reality shows. » Read More

Extra agency: are they of any use to aspiring actors looking for extra work in films and TV? : There are innumerable extras agencies in London. All of them promise to aspiring actors that they will find extra work in films and tv for them. But this is hardly true. Most London casting agencies are after money. They take money from innocent people who are desperate to get acting work but fail to find any acting work for them. » Read More

Is it worth taking up tv extras work? : If you are a teenager, an individual just out of acting school, a retired person, or someone currently doing a part time job, it could really be worth taking up tv extras work. As an extra, you are not required to have any special acting skills. In most cases, your face might not even appear on the tv screen. » Read More

TV presenter jobs: a good choice for those who want to be on TV : For those, who want to be on TV, TV presenter jobs are certainly a good choice. Television industry offers innumerable opportunities to aspiring actors to be on TV. Some of the venues for television hosting or TV presenting jobs are news oriented programmes, game shows, dance shows, singing shows, comedy shows, travel shows, history shows, science shows, cooking shows, and much more. » Read More

Becoming film extra : Becoming a film extra or a TV extra is an easy way of getting entry into the challenging and notoriously difficult world of acting. Film extras and TV extras are usually the supporting artists, background artists, or walk-ons that are required to be in the background while shooting a busy marketplace scene or a scene at an airport or at a public place. » Read More

Some important facts about auditions : While famous and successful actors do not have to go for auditions, for the struggling and aspiring actors desperate to get their first break, casting auditions is an important part of their daily schedule. » Read More

Do you want to know how to be on TV? : Are you a young artist desperate to be on TV? Or, are you someone who has worked on stage or in modelling world before and is now eager to try your luck on TV? Here are some steps that would take you direct to the scintillating world of tv: » Read More

Some tips to make it big in the auditions : Auditions are certainly the first crucial step for an aspiring actor wanting to make it big in the world of TV or films. Going to an audition casting doesn't mean that you will get the work but it surely means that you have a chance. Actors auditions give you the platform to showcase your talent to tv/film producers and directors. » Read More

What attributes should you have to get film extra & tv extra work? : If you take a look at current films or TV programmes to find the kind of actors within the background or those working as extra, you will probably see short, tall, thin, fat, fair, dark, old, young, ugly, smart, and possibly every kind of men and women. » Read More

Top 3 secrets of successful auditions : Whether you are someone who has given dozens of unsuccessful acting auditions or you are someone who is excited on being called to your first casting audition, do you want to know the secrets behind successful casting auditions. » Read More

Top 3 benefits of using the Internet to find tv castings auditions : Of the various means that are available to find out where tv castings auditions are being held in the UK, the Internet is undoubtedly the best. It lets aspiring actors find extra casting auditions and tv castings for lead roles, tv presenters, and other acting roles in a quick, reliable, and cost-effective manner. » Read More

Important questions to ask casting agents London : For those of you, who are planning to hire casting agents London, to help you find acting casting work, here are some important questions that you must ask them to assure yourself of finding acting work through them. » Read More

Certain things to avoid when appearing for casting auditions : Quite a many aspiring actors spend days and months anxiously, waiting to get acting auditions call. If you have received a call for audition casting. » Read More

How to find out where presenters are wanted? : For those of you, who are eying upon tv presenting jobs, the first and the most important step to realise this dream would be to find where presenters are wanted. » Read More

Selecting the right TV casting agent : Although there are innumerable tv casting agents out there in the market, not all can be relied upon. There are people who claim to be casting agents. » Read More

Understand the importance of tv extras work : Usually aspiring actors who are struggling to establish themselves in the entertainment industry ignore tv extras work. They presume that extra work is not respectable enough and is probably not worth taking up. » Read More

Some effective ways to find presenting jobs : If you are an aspiring actor looking for TV shows, Films, theatres, and/or advertising campaigns to showcase your talent, tv presenting jobs are worth considering. There is a lot of scope in Tv presenting jobs these days. » Read More

Finding the right acting agent : An acting agent undoubtedly plays an important role in the entertainment industry. He helps aspiring actors get casted in TV shows, films, and movies for showcasing their talent to the world in the most appropriate manner. » Read More

Get online to find where presenter is wanted: it's easy & effective : You have a charismatic personality, a sensational voice, great body language, and you look smart. Above all, you have high IQ on a vast array of topics. » Read More

Auditions casting calls: how to have to successful casting audition : Auditions casting calls can make or break your acting career. If you impress the jury present at the casting auditions, the gates to the TV/film industry open for you for ever. » Read More

Tips for finding TV extra casting roles : If you are a struggling actor, you must have already realised by now how difficult it is to find film and tv extra casting roles. » Read More

TV extras work: your stepping stone to a glorious & successful acting career : TV extras work gives a young actor an opportunity to learn many a things from his seniors and experienced actors in the industry. » Read More

Top 5 reasons to hire TV casting agents : TV casting agents share a good rapport with tv production houses and TV producers and directors. The casting agents know who is coming up with a new TV show or which director or producer is in need of tv extras or lead actors. » Read More

Tips for finding TV presenter jobs : If you wish to grab a good tv presenting job, gear up yourself. Hire a casting agent or register yourself to various casting agencies. » Read More

Are You Interested in TV Extras Work Possibilities? : The tv extras are actors and actresses who are also called background performers and take over no speaking roles in films and TV shows. » Read More

Presenter Jobs: An Overview! : Any young and talented individual who wants to break in the world of television can consider TV presenter jobs. Presenting jobs are indeed considered a great career opportunity that offers everything you need for a happy and prosperous life. » Read More

Follow Certain Tips If You Want to Be On TV! : Various television shows and movie companies use people like props to create a background which seems like a real environment. Generally television extras are people who are needed to participate in such roles. These TV extras are used in an attempt to make television scenes or movie appear fuller, richer and natural. » Read More

Understand the Importance of Casting Calls! : Generally auditions casting calls are notices made to the public or to acting casting agencies that casting actors are required for an upcoming production. Generally the term can be applied widely as anyone from a filmmaker to a major picture studio can issue a casting call.» Read More

Acting Auditions: Tips and Advice! : Always be well prepared and make sure you know who and what you are auditioning for. Try to find out who is on the audition casting panel as it will help to add a personal touch if you get the opportunity to chat with them.» Read More

Tips to fulfil your TV presenter job successfully : Those of you who have been lucky enough to find TV presenting jobs for yourself, here are some tips to help you fulfil your job successfully and be known as a profound TV presenter» Read More

Casting calls: Some tips to get the most out of them : Although getting casting calls is a big achievement for any actor looking for acting job, it’s not enough. One must do lot more in order to get positive results out of the auditions. » Read More

Want to be on TV or get film extra work? : The first and the most crucial thing that you must possess to be an actor on TV or films is the self confidence. You must have ample of it. No matter whether you are tall or short, fat or slim, fair or dark, beautiful/handsome or ugly, you must be confident about your own self.» Read More

Increase your chances of getting audition calls : If you keep wondering why your friend of the same type and level is getting auditions and you are not, the answer of course is quite obvious. Your friend might be having better casting agent or more casting directors know him.» Read More

Now, anyone can fulfil his/her dream to be on TV : If you are 16 or 61, young or old, fat or slim, fair or dark, if you wish to be on TV, you can really make it happen. There is no dearth of opportunities in the entertainment industry. » Read More

TV presenter jobs: how to get one for yourself? : Whether you are someone who has been trying for long to get a TV presenter job or you have just decided to be a TV presenter and are wondering where and how to start looking for the TV presenter jobs, here are some useful tips to help you get the best job for yourself» Read More

TV extras role has so much to offer! : If we go by definition, TV extras are people who are required to fill in the background of a scene or a dance sequence or action sequence in a TV show while the main action/scene is being performed by lead actors» Read More

Know where models are wanted - Get modelling assignment : If the ad agencies or casting agencies find your profile interesting and feel that you as a model would do justice to the current modelling campaign, they would themselves revert back to you. » Read More

Casting Calls: Launch Your Career : Dreaming to be a actor or an actress ? Why not try your luck in any real casting calls on line. The on line casting call provides a great opportunity to the professional actors, casting agents and casting professionals. » Read More

TV Extras work: How to get one for Yourself ? : Extras, also known as background talent are people who appear in the background on TV shows and movies. Mostly extras are required to fill in the background of a scene for television or film. As a background artist, extras need to sit in a restaurant or a bar or could be a part of the scene while the main actors are being filmed. » Read More

Casting Auditions: Easy Options for Emerging Talents : Everyday thousands of actors audition in Hollywood. Some get hired, some don't. But, thanks to those websites that provide online listings of casting auditions. This gives an opportunity to all aspiring artist who want to be successful in the television or film industry. » Read More

TV Presenter Jobs: Need of an Hour : If you are young and talented and want to break into the world of television, you can consider TV presenting jobs. It is a great career opportunity that offers everything you need for a happy and prosperous life. » Read More

Click your mouse to make your way to the casting auditions: If you feel that your casting agent or casting agency is not able to help you with your acting career, and you are rather wasting your money and time running after them, it's time to say good-bye to them. » Read More

TV presenter job: How to get one for yourself?:TV presenting jobs are in great demand these days in the UK. Most people who are interested in acting and are aspiring to make their career in TV are trying to be a TV presenter. TV presenting jobs promise instant fame and popularity as TV shows are being watched more than ever by a large number of people in the UK.» Read More

How to find extra work in TV or films?:Finding extra work in a TV show or a film can be challenging, especially, if you are a young artist. This is because, being new to the entertainment industry, you might not be having any contacts or references to help you get invitations to the casting auditions for film extras and television extras.» Read More

Casting calls: Now, your phone won't stop ringing!:Do you check your phone several times in a day to ensure you don’t miss a casting call from a TV production house or a film producer or a casting agency? Or, do you pay frequent visits to the casting agent’s office to know » Read More

TV presenting jobs promise money, fame, & success!:If you are young and looking for a handsome career opportunity, you can consider TV presenting jobs. Television presenting jobs offer everything you need for a happy and prosperous life. You would get money, fame, and success!» Read More

Want to be a TV/film star? Grab some extras work first:Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. All those successful Hollywood stars you watch on TV and films today have invested years of hard work and dedication to reach where they are today.» Read More

Auditions casting calls: keep trying; you would surely make it one day!:If you are an artist aspiring to make your way in to the tinsel town, here is a piece of valuable advice for you, participate in as many casting auditions as you can. You would surely be welcomed one day.» Read More

Beginner's guide to TV castings and film castings:If you are a young artist, aspiring to make it big in the television or film industry, you must know that the road ahead is full of challenges and difficulties. You must prepare yourself to be turned down by casting agent after casting agent, or be unsuccessful in several TV castings auditions.» Read More

Casting agents can make things easy for you!:Are you an aspiring actor, model, singer, or musician, frustrated for not being able to find any television show, or a movie, or a stage show to showcase your talent» Read More

Want to know about casting auditions in London? Search online for quick and effective results:Gone are the days, when aspiring actors and models had to spend hours sitting outside the offices of casting agents to know about the casting auditions, or visit local playhouses and theatres to find out whether they are holding any acting auditions. » Read More

London casting agencies: The reasons behind their growing popularity:Casting agencies are enjoying a lot of popularity in London these days. They offer a helping hand to young, aspiring actors who wish to make a career in television or films. » Read More

Register with Casting Agencies for Finding Acting Jobs in London:When it comes to entertainment and films there's a lot of young talent ready to be explored. London - one of the busiest cities of the world - gives incredibly talented actors to the entertainment industry every year.» Read More

Role Played by Casting Agents in London:A casting agent is an entertainment industry professional who looks for aspiring actors who could be cast in stage shows, television, or movies. These agents help in casting performers for a project.» Read More

Why Opt for London Acting Agencies?:If you are pursuing a career in acting, it is advisable to get in touch with London acting agencies. In fact, having a reliable casting agent is one of the first steps » Read More

Grab Your Dream Role with London Casting Agencies:Since decades we have been watching the glory of our favourite superstars who have been successful in achieving a name for themselves in the society. » Read More

Acting auditions-Get the best calls:Aspiring actors need to know more about acting auditions to make the most of opportunities in the entertainment business. The important question that comes up here is how does one know more about acting jobs in London or any place else?» Read More

Casting agents - Now just a click away:Casting agents are people who can improve your chances of getting the parts you want in films or television. You might be an established star, or you might be someone who is just starting out in the entertainment business.» Read More

The role of an acting agen:When an individual is pursuing a career in acting, he or she needs to get in touch with an acting agent. Having an agent is one of the first steps to a flourishing career in acting.» Read More

Casting auditions - How to get the best results:Most people I know are wary about casting auditions. To get started, they need to remember that even the best actors in the entertainment business had to start somewhere.» Read More

Casting agents - Some known and unknown facts:An entertainment industry professional seeking to identify potential candidates for work on stage, television, or the movies is called a casting agent or a talent agent. Such a person would help cast performers for a project.» Read More