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Brilliant site! Now i'm getting so many applications coming back! Thankyou, Casting Now!

Emma Jane Day

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Auditions casting calls: keep trying; you would surely make it one day!

If you are an artist aspiring to make your way in to the tinsel town, here is a piece of valuable advice for you, participate in as many casting auditions as you can. You would surely be welcomed one day.


Casting auditions are your passport to the entertainment industry. If you are able to showcase your acting skills and talent successfully, and impress the directors, producers, or TV production house owner present during the auditions, you would get a ticket straight to the wonderland. And, once you manage to get a role, lead or extra, in a TV programme, film, theatre, or any other project, then there is no looking back. Acting assignments would itself come your way.


However, things are not as easy as they may sound though. Getting called to the casting auditions is incredibly tough. Usually, struggling actors do not even get to know where the actors or casting extras are required and end up losing good opportunities. Only a few who manage to get in touch with casting agents are able to receive auditions casting calls.


If you wish to know of the auditions casting calls in your city or other parts of the world, just log on to www.castingnow.co.uk The website is the largest platform for the young and experienced actors to know about auditions casting calls, castings extras, and casting job openings in TV, Films, theatres, advertisements, and other projects.


At castingnow.co.uk, you can view online postings by casting agents, casting agencies, directors, producers, production companies, and stage directors looking for actors, actresses, dancers, singers, comedians, casting extras, voice-over-artists, and alike for their films, stage shows, TV soaps, and other projects. You would get complete details about the casting auditions calls regarding the date and place, acting skills required, experience, duration of the acting project, pay scale, details about the production house, and so on.


If you think that your personal acting skills and capabilities match the talent requirements, just contact the concerned people and complete the formalities required for attending the acting audition. If you act well and are able to impress the judges, the role could be yours. And if you are unable to grab the role, at least you would learn lot many new things which you can utilise in later auditions.


At castingnow.co.uk, you can also put your acting profile. The website is viewed regularly by many renowned casting agents and film producers/directors. You never know, when they would select you for their upcoming project.



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