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CastingNow.co.uk is a casting resource for everyone in the entertainment business. It is run by ex casting and TV professionals who have contacts and inside knowledge of the industry. We not only provide the latest and best new castings and opportunities but also a platform to showcase your talents. For a low monthly fee from just £3.99 per month our members get to promote themselves including photo’s, video and audio showreels via their profile page – and most importantly are able to apply to as many of the latest jobs for actors, presenters, extras, models, dancers, singers and musicians as they want - with just one click of a button!

There are opportunities for everyone, all shapes and sizes and all ages. We have helped cast people from 16 to 86, some with loads of experience and others with none.

As a member you may get work in one of two ways:

You will be contacted directly by a casting agent or producer who has searched the site, viewed your profile and thinks you’re what they’re after.


You apply directly to one of our castings and if the casting agent likes your profile they will respond with details of an audition or casting. If you’re applying for work as an ‘extra’ you may well get booked without them even seeing you!

Remember: We are not an agency, we do not take commission on any work you may get through our site - everything you earn you keep!