A bit of industry advice for newcomers!

Network Network Network!!!

In the beginning do some things for free or low pay to build up a credible CV and get footage for your showreel! It is also a fabulous way to meet people that could lead to more work that is paid.


A lot of photographers do TFP which means Time For Prints - this is a great way to build your portfolio without paying anything! They get great shots and so do you.


Always try to be professional and arrive on time then you will have more chance of being booked again. You will probably meet other extras who will be able to advise you of other work going on as well.

Do courses and join theatre or film groups (as and when you have the time and the money). They will improve your confidence and cv, you will make new friends and it allows you to network!

Common sense

Always let someone know where your casting is and check them out first! Use common sense. Google them and if you arent sure take a friend or family member.

Be Prepared

If you have a script or song to learn dont wing it! Learn it!

Don't get disheartened

A big part of this industry is rejection! Dont get too upset if you dont get a gig just treat it as a learning curve its all audition experience! Keep the dream alive and keep knocking at those doors because eventually one will open for you.


You may be contacted by agencies looking to take on new talent. Always check out these agents first although every effort is made to weed out the money grabbing no castings type of agency we cannot take responibility for the contacts you get through our talent network website.

Some warning signs are:

  • Big upfront Fees (sometimes disguised as overpriced photo sessions)
  • No registered address to visit
  • Often ask you to meet in a hotel or bar

If you decide you want to check an agency out take a friend with you. And never pay them cash straight away go home and think before you leap!

Having said all this some agencies are totally legitimate and its always good to have somebody promoting you and putting you up for castings through their personal contacts.

Please contact us if:

  • Any Agency asks you for fees
  • You are inappropriately contacted by a member, advertiser or casting professional
  • Or you notice any strange or suspicious behaviour

Email us at and we will investigate and take the necessary actions