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Now finished one short film down here in Cornwall, and within 6 hours another offer . . . Casting Now is working. There were also 2 others in the film who are with C.N.

Colin Matthews

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Finding the right acting agent

An acting agent undoubtedly plays an important role in the entertainment industry. He helps aspiring actors get casted in TV shows, films, and movies for showcasing their talent to the world in the most appropriate manner. By virtue of availing his professional services, young artists are able to make their way in to the entertainment world quite easily and quickly, which otherwise is difficult and time-consuming for them.

Young artists mostly do not have any contacts in the industry. Also, they do not posses much knowledge regarding where actors are wanted or extras are required or models are needed. Majority of the aspiring actors do not even get to know about casting auditions and hence they lose many good acting opportunities.

Since an acting agent works in close collaboration with directors and producers, he is aware of their requirements and helps them in finding the best talent for their upcoming TV shows and films. It is usually the casting agent who makes notifications about the casting calls and acting auditions and invites interested actors to showcase their talent in front of their future directors and producers. Though the onus of getting the role depends entirely on the aspiring actor and his acting skills and performance, the acting agent shows gives him the platform to exhibit his acting talent in front of the right people, at the right time.

Those of you who are planning to hire an acting agent it is advisable that you hire the right agent. This is because though there are several casting agents in London, not all are same. If you don’t want to waste your time and money by running after an incompetent and good-for-nothing acting agent, be very careful in selecting the casting agent for yourself.

Look for experienced casting agents as they have better contacts with renowned directors and producers and can therefore help you get a good break for your acting career. Ask for references before hiring any acting agent. If the agent is successful, he would have a list of actors who have gained the current position in the industry because of him. You can also ask your friends or family who are in the entertainment industry if they know of any good casting agent.

For finding good casting agents London, get online. It is the easiest way of reaching the right casting agents London. You can get complete details about the casting agents, including their experience, the services that they provide, and their past performance and choose the acting agent for yourself who is the best of them all.

Find the right casting acting agent and improve your acting career prospects. For tv extras role, film extras, modelling, tv presenter jobs, and more, please visit www.castingnow.co.uk

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