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I have been with Casting Now for 3 weeks and have had loads of response and been given many roles,from acting to extra's work. I would recommend this site to anyone. Top stuff,keep it coming!

Antony Baker

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Auditions casting calls: how to have to successful casting audition?

Auditions casting calls can make or break your acting career. If you impress the jury present at the casting auditions, the gates to the TV/film industry open for you for ever. Else you are left to struggle like thousands of aspiring actors and artists who attend casting auditions one after the other to get acting assignments.

You must be wondering how you can achieve success in your audition casting. Well, for that you need to do your homework. You must do a lot of research regarding the TV production house or film producer/director who is organising the casting auditions to find out the type of films or TV shows that the person or company makes or is planning to make. Knowing this would help you decide if you fit the requirements and whether you must attend the auditions casting calls or not.

For instance, if there are actors wanted for an action packed TV show and you are not comfortable doing action sequences or you are more inclined towards doing romantic films and shows, it is not advisable to appear for such an audition casting. But if the role for which the casting auditions are being organised is as per your comfort level, interest and forte,, prepare yourself accordingly to grab the role for yourself.

Before you attend the casting auditions calls, find out the role requirements. Are the producers/directors looking for experienced actors or are they keen on giving a chance to fresh talent as well? Are there any specifications regarding the age, sex, skin colour, colour of the eyes, height, and voice of the actors wanted? What about the qualification? Is the casting agent, holding the auditions casting calls, looking for actors who have undergone proper training in acting at renowned acting schools?

If you feel that you meet most of the requirements, prepare yourself to impress the casting auditions jury. Work on your dialogue delivery, body language, facial expressions, voice modulations, and of course your looks. You must look impressive from tip to toe. You must possess the personality and skill to keep the viewers glued to their TV screens. Also, you must get into the role so easily that the judges present at the casting auditions are completely impressed with you and look in you their next lead or supporting actor.

The most important tip is to never give up. No matter how many unsuccessful audition casting you have been to, just give your best shot every time. Lady luck would surely knock your door one day and you would definitely make a place for yourself in the tinsel town.

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