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Completed my 1st TV commercial yesterday. Great fun, learned a lot. Thank you Casting Now. It was a last minute job. glad I have my phone with me 24/7 :-}

John Stylianou

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Why Opt for London Acting Agencies?

If you are pursuing a career in acting, it is advisable to get in touch with London acting agencies. In fact, having a reliable casting agent is one of the first steps to ensure a successful career in the entertainment industry. Talented performers could take the help of reputed casting agents in London to establish their contacts and build a flourishing career in art and entertainment.

London acting agencies offer a wide range of acting jobs in the UK. They find potential candidates for the auditions of different production companies and negotiate deals on their behalf. Many a times, big production houses submit their requirements to these London casting agencies, and they in turn arrange for as many auditions as possible. Without the help of these agents, talented actors may miss out on their chance to bag a plum role in big budget films or well-known television shows.

London acting agencies also take up the case of their clients whenever there is some legal or finance related disputes. As an actor you could rely on these agents because you would get a more level playing ground. These casting agents would negotiate deals for you, book acting jobs in London, and pitch you as a promising actor in front of major studios and casting directors.

Usually, London acting agencies spend time on the phone or the Internet and submit photographs of potential actors to the directors looking for fresh talent. Their aim is always to land talented performers in as many auditions and casting calls as possible. Often these casting agencies have support from major production houses and reputed directors, and are usually in a position to pitch actors for different projects.

There are different types of London acting agencies for countless talents. You could sign with as many agencies as you want to get the best representation possible. You would find commercial casting agents in London for commercial work, theatrical agents to represent myriad talents in films and television work, and even print casting agents for people who are looking for modeling work in print media like magazines, catalogues, and more. Also, there are differences between agents in terms of their contacts, experience, and networking.

One of the easiest ways of contacting London casting agencies is through the Internet. You would find a number of casting agents having their own websites, where you just need to register yourself and you would receive calls from various production houses in no time! One such casting agency in London, which is known for offering a wide range of acting jobs in the UK to aspiring actors is www.castingnow.co.uk. You may visit the site to know more about this casting agency.

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