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Completed my 1st TV commercial yesterday. Great fun, learned a lot. Thank you Casting Now. It was a last minute job. glad I have my phone with me 24/7 :-}

John Stylianou

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Presenter Jobs: An Overview!

Any young and talented individual who wants to break in the world of television can consider TV presenter jobs. Presenting jobs are indeed considered a great career opportunity that offers everything you need for a happy and prosperous life. Today across the whole spectrum of broadcasting presenters are found in order to present news and documentary programmes, sports, music, entertainment, reality and children's shows. Sometimes they may also introduce material ranging from political analysis to pop music and quizzes.

Generally TV presenter job requires great confidence where the person needs to communicate by building a rapport with an audience that is generally unseen. It is also essential to use proper words and phrases to impress the viewers watching their show. Some of the basic qualities like punctuality, efficiency, personality and clarity are also required for TV presenting jobs. Presenters also work as part of a team with directors, producers, floor managers, camera, sound and lighting operatives and other colleagues.

A presenter must:

  1. Possess excellent communication skills and a clear and attractive voice for broadcasting.
  2. Possess confidence, a likable personality and the ability to create a rapport with an audience.
  3. Possess interviewing and research skills.
  4. Possess the ability to handle stress and make quick decisions under pressure.

For TV presenter jobs, you don't require any special qualifications. However, it would certainly be a good approach if you are qualified, especially when there is so much competitiveness all around. A degree in communication skills or a degree in journalism will help. Other degrees that you may consider are specialized degrees in drama and media. Having specialist subject knowledge may be an advantage. Today various companies offer short courses in order to get eligible for presenter jobs. Some might be expensive, so check their content to make sure they are going to be useful.

Also you can find various websites around UK offering latest TV presenter jobs. The interested candidate can get to know where the TV presenters are wanted and what the specific job requirements are. All the renowned production houses, directors, casting agents and producers post their listings through these websites. You can create your own profile to get viewed by the right people at the right time.

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