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Have not been on casting now for long, I have already been offered a part in a commercial and shortlisted for a acting role.... Thank you casting now and good luck to existing and new members for...

Michelle Lessels

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Tips to fulfil your TV presenter job successfully

Those of you who have been lucky enough to find TV presenting jobs for yourself, here are some tips to help you fulfil your job successfully and be known as a profound TV presenter:

One of the most important tip for presenter jobs is to prepare your presentation well and several days in advance. If you are a beginner, you can’t deliver things like a seasoned presenter who even without any preparation is able to present things exceptionally well. You must give time to practice your presentation and identify where you are going wrong so as to avoid any gaffes during the actual presentation or TV show.

You may practice your presentation at home in front of a mirror. Proper rehearsal would not only make you perfect, but also smart and confident. You would never ever feel nervous while hosting your show if you are well rehearsed. This is the second important tip.

Third crucial tip for TV presenting jobs is to learn by heart what you have to say or deliver. It doesn't look nice if you're reading from papers. But, you must know that even if you memorise your presentation, it should not look as if you are rattling off things.

So, the fourth tip for presenter jobs is to do a bit of acting or more accurately, act natural. You should feel absolutely free while presenting your show. For example, while presenting the show, you can say, 'Hey, so where were we?' It doesn’t look that you have forgotten something and that you are asking your viewers to guide you. It only shows how cool and easy you are about your presentation.

Another important tip is to display appropriate body language. Your body language says a lot about your personality. It tells who you are, how confident and capable you are and how good/bad you are as a tv presenter. 

While performing Tv presenting jobs, never ever walk hunched, don’t slump in your seat, don’t yawn, don’t bite your nails, and never give that stunned look. Always have eye contact with your audience or spectators. And, be prepared to answer any question.

Most importantly, think positive so that you feel positive. If you think that you'll win, you'll really win.

Follow these tips and you are sure to be a successful tv presenter.

If you are trying hard to find TV presenter job and wish to know where presenters are wanted, you may visit www.castingnow.co.uk The website is an amazing platform to showcase yourself to casting directors and casting agents and to be known by them. You would get several auditions calls for TV presenter jobs.

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