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i applied about 3 days ago to be a police officer in a film they rang me back today saying ive got the job and need costume measurements, soo cant wait to start the filming . thankyou, casting now x

Emma Jane Day

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Beginner's guide to TV castings and film castings

If you are a young artist, aspiring to make it big in the television or film industry, you must know that the road ahead is full of challenges and difficulties. You must prepare yourself to be turned down by casting agent after casting agent, or be unsuccessful in several TV castings auditions. Finding a good role for yourself in TV, theatre, film, or stage wouldn’t be that easy.


However, here are few simple tips to make things little easy and convenient for you:


Make a good and impressive profile: Whether you want to grab a leading role or a supporting role in TV show or film, make sure you have a good profile. Your profile should showcase your acting skill and talent, and inform the TV casting agent about your potentials. If your portfolio or profile is impressive, the casting agent would forward the same to leading production house or successful film makers.


Get in touch with TV casting agents: Usually, TV producers and production companies do not search for actors on their own. Instead, they avail the services of TV castings agents. The TV casting agents are professionals who help them find the right actor for their show. TV casting agents organise auditions wherein they select the best actors for the production houses. By getting in touch with one such casting agent, you can really improve your prospects.


Most of the times, aspiring actors do not even get to know of the acting auditions that are going to be held in their particular geographical locale and thereby miss on a promising opportunity. By hiring casting agents, you would not only appear in most of the TV castings auditions, but would also be able to get yourself a good role. Casting agents of repute offer useful tips and guidelines to aspiring artists on how they can clear the auditions.


Register yourself online: You would be surprised to know but there are quite a few websites that help young actors find good roles on their own. Such websites provide online listings of TV casting auditions, acting auditions, modelling auditions, auditions for singing, music, and acting auditions for theatre, stage shows, and much more by film makers, TV production houses, theatre groups, and modelling agencies looking for fresh and talented actors.


By registering yourself online, you can directly get in touch with the TV casting groups and try your level best to grab that role for yourself. The main advantage of using this particular means is that you can save your money that is usually charged by the TV casting agents. Such websites do not charge you anything except a nominal registration fee. Further, you can avoid getting in the trap of cunning casting agents as most such websites deal only with reliable and genuine TC casting groups and agents.

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