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What to expect when filming as tv extras?

It is well-known fact that tv extras do not get any special treatment at the sets. They are there to fill up the background or stand as extras when the lead actors are doing an important sequence or action. But tv extras work is a good beginning for the actors who are new to the industry. They get to learn a lot about the way tv programmes and soaps are produced and also they are able to fetch some acting work for them.

Those of you who have got tv extra work and are curious to know what will happen out there, you must prepare yourself in advance to do a lot of hard-work and have loads of patience as you might be asked to wait for long hours and on certain occasions you might return home without actually doing anything on the sets.

Call time for tv extras is usually quite early. You might have to reach the sets at 7 am or may be earlier. Arrive on time since tv production managers and crew members need to ensure that they have a full complement of tv extras and film extras and do not have to waste time in locating additional extras.

As a tv extra, your routine can vary when present at the filming location. You might be sent straight for dress and make-up if your role requires specific costume and make up. If you are informed what type of clothes to wear, you must bring them along and wait till you are asked to dress up. If you are told that you can wear anything, make sure you wear muted colours and something that doesn’t make you stand out in the crowd. Wear simple and sober clothes to make a good impression on the acting casting directors.

There is usually a bus at the location shoot where the cast and the crew hang between takes. If tv extras are not required, they are asked to relax in that bus. Before entering the bus read if says crew only. If that is so then you need to look for a bus that is meant for extras and background artists.

If you are asked to grab the breakfast, try avoid being greedy. Eating too much can make you feel lethargic and even worse, when you are finally called on set, you might be standing there holding back your hiccups or struggling with indigestion.

Tv extras and extras film are expected to be attentive on the sets and present themselves immediately when their names are being called. Also, they are supposed to be humble and obedient. Make sure you behave like that to get further work as extras film and tv extra.

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