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Signed up to Casting Now a few days ago and I already have some auditions lined up. One is for the lead role in a short film to be shown at festivals and the other is for an exciting 24 hour project....

David Rowley

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TV Presenter Jobs: Need of an Hour

If you are young and talented and want to break into the world of television, you can consider TV presenting jobs. It is a great career opportunity that offers everything you need for a happy and prosperous life.


A TV presenter is a person who introduces or hosts programmes on television. He/she can be called news presenter, music presenter, dance presenter or comedy presenter depending on the nature of the TV programme. A TV presenter needs to be subject matter expert in order to give an impressive and meaningful presentation to his/her viewers. TV presenter job requires great confidence where proper use of words and phrases are also essential to impress the viewers watching their show. Punctuality, efficiency, personality and clarity of communication are basic qualities required for a TV presenting job.


Television presenters need to possess a good general education. A degree in journalism, English, or communications proves to be beneficial for those wishing to pursue a career as TV presenter. TV presenters work on a variety of platforms such as national, regional, satellite and cable television, online or radio. However the role is always to entertain and inform their audiences, presenting information and/or entertainment in an accessible and attractive way. The nature of the job may vary according to a programme's subject matter, like news, weather, sport, music, lifestyle, etc.


The posture and body language of a TV presenter is a key to the success of the programme. As Television is an audio visual media and hence lies the importance of body language. The importance of posture is immensely important in presenting a Television program. A casual or entertaining program can be done with a casual posture whereas a serious program needs a rigid and forceful posture. Apart from this, a TV presenter needs to get trained on his/her voice quality. The best presenter is the most natural.


There are various websites around UK where you would find the latest TV presenter jobs. The interested individual can get to know where the TV presenters are wanted and what the specific job requirements are. All the renowned casting agents, production houses, directors and producers post their listings through these websites. You can create your own profile to get viewed by the right people at the right time.



If you think you have all the qualities needed for a TV presenter job, just log on to castingnow.co.uk


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