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TV Extras work: How to get one for Yourself?

Extras, also known as background talent are people who appear in the background on TV shows and movies. Mostly extras are required to fill in the background of a scene for television or film. As a background artist, extras need to sit in a restaurant or a bar or could be a part of the scene while the main actors are being filmed.


Sometimes they are required to travel around and every job is different. TV extra work is generally paid for their time on set. Television extras can earn extra money by having a line, doing multiple episodes in one day or using their car or a special skill. They can earn overtime which usually starts after 12 hours.


Working as a TV extra is a great way to experience something different and unusual. The work is usually unreliable and if you want to do it full time you will have to sign up with many casting agent or agencies. You can also look for several websites where you can find listings for TV and film extras.


There are several production agencies that require an enormous amount of support from the local community. So, being an extra is the easiest way to experience the bright lights and fast action of film production. Casting criteria for extras depend on the production agencies. Earning or supplementing a living as a TV/Film extra often requires little to no acting experience. Casting directors generally seek out those with specific “looks” that will contribute to the impression desired for the film. In addition, extras are also required to use their own wardrobe on the set.


Generally the shooting schedules of film projects vary and may last from a couple of days to several weeks. You also need to study the listings to determine if the shoot coincides with your schedule. Once you are selected for a role as an extra, you are expected to act as any other working professional. You should be kind and gracious to everyone you meet and get prepare to spend a large portion waiting around for your time to be called.


If you are interesting in visiting one such site that could help you find extra work, just log onto www.castingnow.co.uk


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