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Hi all, Just landed a job for the Discovery Channel with a second pencilled in soon after. Thanks Casting Now

John Stylianou

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Some important facts about auditions

While famous and successful actors do not have to go for auditions, for the struggling and aspiring actors desperate to get their first break, casting auditions is an important part of their daily schedule.

Auditions are basically organised by casting agents and film and TV producers and directors. The purpose is to judge the acting skills and capabilities of the actors so as to choose the best amongst all. The directors and producers make sure that the actor that they hire fits well within the role and character. For this, most of the times, the actors who are going to audition are explained the sides/particular scenes for acting auditions.

By virtue of doing so, the casting directors and producers make sure that the actors are aware of the scene and the lines and dialogues that they need to deliver. This helps the actors get in to the character and present an interesting act before the judges rather than giving a cold reading.

When appearing for any audition casting, the actors must gather as much knowledge as possible about the production house, the kind of films/TV programmes that they have made in the past, and the subject and theme of the latest project that are going to undertake. It is also advisable to get complete information about the kind of role for which one is going to audition. If the casting directors are looking for someone who is 40 years or above and you are merely 20 then there is no point in wasting your time for such an audition.

In order to give a successful open auditions and actor auditions, actors must practice a lot. They must learn the dialogues by heart and should practice delivering them several times. It is very important to get into the character and feel the whole scene so as to appear natural to the acting casting judges and later to the audiences.

In order to give a successful audition, actors must also work on their body language, on their communication skills, and on their physical appearance. Finally, one must look at every audition as a learning experience as it takes away the fear of rejection and failure allows one to give the best possible performance.

To find where acting auditions are being held in the UK, please log on to www.castingnow.co.uk

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