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I have been a member of Casting Now for a few months and I have had several calls and emails from production companies. I have also been short listed for two feature films. Thank you Casting Now.

Robert Scott

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Usually aspiring actors who are struggling to establish themselves in the entertainment industry ignore tv extras work. They presume that extra work is not respectable enough and is probably not worth taking up. But such people are wrong and make a grave mistake by not taking up tv extra or film extra role that they are being offered. For the uninitiated, here is a quick overview on the role and importance of tv and film extras.

TV extras are actors and actresses who are required for a background of tv scene. It can be an indoor scene where the lead tv actor is visiting a shop or departmental store and there are extras required to fill the scene, or it can an outdoor scene where main actors and actresses are dancing or signing and the role of extras is to dance at the background.

Extras are basically required to make the scene look more realistic. Even though extras are not given any dialogues or scenes to enact, there presence is really important for the scene to get shot perfectly.

Sometimes tv extras are required to do an action sequence on part of the lead actor where the lead actor doesn’t posses the required skill to perform the given stunt or he doesn’t have time to do the stunts. During such instances, tv extras come up as real help for the producers and directors who are able to shoot the scene without letting the audience know that someone else is doing the thrilling, action-packed scene that they are enjoying on screen.

Because tv extras are important, casting agents and directors and producers take casting auditions for tv extra and film extras. They make sure that the artist they select for extra work would look good on screen and would be able to do the little that is expected from him in the proper manner.

As an aspiring actor, extra work is a great opportunity for you to be on tv and to be in films. Though people might not notice you, you would get an experience to work with tv production houses, directors, producers, and successful lead actors. You can watch them closely and see how they deliver dialogues, give expressions, and coordinate their body language, dialogues, voice, and physical gestures. Extra work is a wonderful learning opportunity for aspiring actors to groom themselves and their acting skills. You don’t make as much money as lead actors do, but extras work can fund you to live independently and to help you keep going till you find a big break.

For finding tv extras, film extra, and extra work in ads, theatres, reality shows, and more, please log on to www.castingnow.co.uk.  

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