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Have not been on casting now for long, I have already been offered a part in a commercial and shortlisted for a acting role.... Thank you casting now and good luck to existing and new members for...

Michelle Lessels

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What attributes should you have to get film extra & tv extra work?

If you take a look at current films or TV programmes to find the kind of actors within the background or those working as extra, you will probably see short, tall, thin, fat, fair, dark, old, young, ugly, smart, and possibly every kind of men and women. Though almost anybody might be the correct type of individual for film extras and TV extra work, one must possess certain characteristics if he/she is interested in taking up a career in the extras industry.  

The most important attribute that tv and film extra artists must have is patience. This is because extras work requires a whole lot of waiting. When you choose to work as an extra, you must make sure that you have a degree of patience so that you don’t get irritated or annoyed sitting and waiting for your chance to do that little extra for which you have been hired.

The next vital attribute that is required from film extra and tv extra men and women is attention and focus. Film producers and tv production companies spend a lot of money in producing films and tv programmes. They obviously take in to account your salary when calculating the overall cost of their film. If you do not listen to them or pay attention to what is being said to you, you can cause a delay in filming and this is something that your film producer/director will never tolerate. So, even if you are doing nothing on the set, make sure you are very attentive and focussed.

As a film extra or tv extra, you must be extremely flexible. Remember that you are just an extra and you must never ever behave like a star. Even if you don’t know what is being expected from you on the sets, show your willingness and flexibility. Be as adaptable and as accommodating as possible. This will help you win good rapport on the sets and your director and producer would remember you as well. 

If you are lucky enough to be picked up as a Featured artist, you might be required to interact with actors and there are chances that you would be given a line or two. In that case, you would be required to have a certain image, hair colour, dress style, and so on. Make sure you possess everything so that you can give your best as film extra.

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