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Do you have the right type of personality to get tv extras and film extra role?

If you would look carefully at the type of people who work as tv extras and film extras, you would notice that they are short, tall, fair, dark, thin, fat, handsome, ugly, young, old, and so on and so forth. So, you could be just anyone to get extras work in films and tv. But there are some personality traits that you must possess in order to qualify for the movie extras and tv extras roles.

The first and the most important trait that you must have is patience. TV extras and film extras need to possess a high level of patience. Working in the tv extras and film extras industry requires a lot of waiting, standing, and sitting around. You might end up sitting all day long on the top of a bus, dressed in your costume with your wig and all those props, not knowing when you will be called upon.

Second crucial characteristic that you must have is willingness to do anything and everything. When you are offered extras role, you must know that you can asked to do almost anything. Usually at the time of acting casting auditions the actors are not told what is required of them. It is mostly at the shots that they are asked to become a part of the crowd or stand in the background or say a dialogue or two to the lead actor. So, if you are interested in film extra or tv extra role, be as flexible as possible.

Third, film extra and tv extra artists are expected to be attentive, alert, and focussed. As said earlier, tv extras and film extras involve a lot of sitting and waiting. But the extras must be careful when present at the set. They must keep their eyes and ears open and should know what is happening around. If their name is called, they must at once present themselves. If you do not pay attention and fail to do what is required of you, you might not be able to please the acting casting director.

Finally, extras film and tv extras must be humble and polite. As an extra, you must show respect to the senior actors present at the sets. But being polite and humble doesn’t mean that you have to be extra charming as it can be a great pass. You have to maintain a professional attitude though.

If your personality matches these above stated traits, you must have no worries and should start applying for all those extras film and tv extras roles. To find the extras work in films and tv, you can visit www.castingnow.co.uk

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