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I used to be a casting director with my own company - I retired and now I have been asked to cast a new feature film and be assured I shall be posting any requirements on this site for talent actors....

Marc Sinclair

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Follow Certain Tips If You Want to Be On TV!

Various television shows and movie companies use people like props to create a background which seems like a real environment. Generally television extras are people who are needed to participate in such roles. These TV extras are used in an attempt to make television scenes or movie appear fuller, richer and natural. Just like any other individual, TV extras are the one who has an interest in television and films and wants to be on TV or on a film as a background support artist. There are many motivations for gaining work as television extras.
One can also get the incentive to earn a fair day's pay for a fair day's work.

Acting as TV extras that require you to perform certain skills like horse riding, skating, etc or have your hair cut really short will usually pay more. If you have to perform a specific action to be on TV such as lying down then this work will pay more because it is considered a stunt, albeit a safe one. Another way for television extras to get more money from extra work is to try and get some appearances in the same shot as a main star or principal character. Generally TV extras call this the money shot as they can get an instant bonus payment to be on TV, even if the shooting is only a few seconds of screen or filming time.

What role do TV extras do in a movie or on TV? In order to be on TV, the television extras form the rich tapestry of background performers in almost every scene. They can be seen as crowds at sporting events, patients in hospitals and dinners at restaurants. Regardless of the location, scene or time period, TV extras are used to play the role of background fillers. It is to be remember, extras never speak. It's an unspoken rule that when an extra is asked to mouth a dialogue, even if it's just one word, then the extra becomes an 'Actor'.

Also if you want to be on TV, you can find TV presenter job for yourself. It is essential to prepare your presentation well in advance in order to apply for a TV presenter job. You need to identify and give some time to practice your presentation where you are going wrong so as to avoid any gaffes during the actual presentation or TV show.

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