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i applied about 3 days ago to be a police officer in a film they rang me back today saying ive got the job and need costume measurements, soo cant wait to start the filming . thankyou, casting now x

Emma Jane Day

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Selecting the right TV casting agent

Although there are innumerable tv casting agents out there in the market, not all can be relied upon. There are people who claim to be casting agents. They say they can offer acting work, know where there are actors wanted or purport to be casting extras. Some of these people are really only after your money. If you don’t want to waste your time and money running after such people, be very careful when selecting the casting agent for yourself.

It is advisable not to select the first tv casting agent that you come across. Instead, you must carry a thorough research to find out the best casting agents in your area. You may use local newspapers, yellow pages, or the Internet to find the best names in the industry.

Once you have few names in your hand, you must get more info about them. Find out the total experience of the tv casting agent; has he been working as casting agent for many years or is he new in this field; his qualifications; what rapport does he share in the entertainment industry; do people know him for offering quality services or does he have a bad name in the industry. You may visit online forums to get reviews about tv casting agencies and to find out what others have to say about a particular casting agent or agency.

When selecting the tv casting agent, find out what kind of roles he can find for you. Would he be helping you with extra casting or lead roles or TV presenting jobs? How much time would take to help you find tv casting roles or tv extras work? Also find out whether he has any contacts with renowned tv production houses and tv producers and directors in the industry. Good casting agents have a strong network of contacts with big tv production houses and directors and producers which enables them in finding work for their clients.

Do not forget to ask for references. No matter how much a casting agent boasts about himself you must ask him to provide you with references. Talk to some of the actors or tv extras who have availed the services of the particular casting agent. Ask them if the casting agent was of any use to them or not and how much time did he take to find work for them. If you get negative feedback about that casting agent, do not choose him at all.

Lastly, discuss the price before taking any decision. Find out how much the tv casting agent would charge for his services. What percentage of commission does he charge for finding tv extras role and lead role? What if he is unable to find any work for you? Can you claim back your money in such a case?

Hope these tips help you find the right agent to make your search for tv castings, tv extras, or tv presenting jobs quick and effective. To find tv extras and tv presenting jobs, you may also visit www.castingnow.co.uk  

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