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Jill Gallagher

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Becoming film extra

Becoming a film extra or a TV extra is an easy way of getting entry into the challenging and notoriously difficult world of acting. Film extras and TV extras are usually the supporting artists, background artists, or walk-ons that are required to be in the background while shooting a busy marketplace scene or a scene at an airport or at a public place. At times, extras are required to interact with the actors where they are given a line or two.

Since film extra and TV extra artists are not given any specific lines and dialogues to deliver, it’s relatively easy to find extra work. Actors who have just finished their acting training and classes or are pursuing the course can also get extra work in films and on TV. Extra work is a fun way of experiencing the thrills and spills of film and TV programme making and of earning extra money too. 

But one must be aware that extras work does involve a lot of waiting and sitting around. Quite often extras are kept waiting the whole day long only to be told later that the scene couldn’t be shot or that it has been postponed due to some reasons. So, only those who have patience must look for extra work.

Those interested in becoming a film extra or TV extra must also be obedient and attentive in nature. They must pay due respect to the senior actors and co-actors present at the sets and should do whatever is being asked to do. If the film casting director or producer asks you to call the spot boy or expects you to help in preparing the background of the scene, you must not show any reluctance.

In fact, you must be willing to do whatever comes your way. Your willingness can win you good rapport in the eyes of the film directors and producers and they might even remember you. It can boost your future chances of getting extras role in films and TV in future.

Likewise, you must be very attentive on the sets. Film producers and directors would never want their money, time, and resources to get wasted because of slow and lazy actors. Your amiable nature and the ease with which you gel with people can also help you get film extra and TV extra roles. Make friends at sets and develop useful contacts to get acting roles and assignments in future.

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