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Have been casted to play a Fashion Icon for the KodaK Commercial for New Look this weekend (24/11/12), can't wait.

Lynda Lim

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How to apply for tv extras roles?

Since tv extras and film extras are not expected to do much than to fill up the background, a lot of people assume that getting extras work is quite easy. But finding tv extra or film extra work can be as challenging as finding the lead role in a tv programme or a film. This is because extras are considered to be an integral part of a scene or a dance sequence in any film or tv serial. They might not be doing anything per se buy they share the screen with lead actors and are often noticed by the audience. If the extras are not chosen carefully they can spoil the final outcome of the scene, no matter how brilliantly enacted and shot.

If you are applying for tv extras roles or film extra role and do not want the opportunity to go away from your hands, keep few important things when applying for the extras roles. First and the most important of all, before you appear for the auditions for extras role, get to know about the tv production house as much as you can. Dig out information about the directors/producers, the genre of the tv programme for which they are looking for extras, about the lead actors that are working in it, the duration of the tv programme or the extra work being offered, etc. The more you know, the better it will be for you since you will not feel nervous during the auditions.

Never ever appear unprepared for the tv extras auditions. Ask the casting audition organisers or casting agent for the script to prepare yourself. Practise the dialogues or dance, whatever the script demands. Rehearse it several times over so that you can give your best performance during the auditions.

Do not take extras work lightly. If you are applying for film extra or tv extra role, be professional. Take a copy of your resume. Make sure that it mentions everything about you, your personal and professional details, and your past experience in acting. The judges present at the casting auditions would like to know everything about you before offering you the extras work. You may take a tape or a cd to show your acting skills to the judges.

Keep the above points in mind and enjoy your extras film or extras tv work.

For finding tv extras and film extras work, you can visit www.castingnow.co.uk

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