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Extra agency: are they of any use to aspiring actors looking for extra work in films and TV?

There are innumerable extras agencies in London. All of them promise to aspiring actors that they will find extra work in films and tv for them. But this is hardly true. Most London casting agencies are after money. They take money from innocent people who are desperate to get acting work but fail to find any acting work for them. Aspiring actors end up wasting a lot of their precious time, energy, and money in paying visits to acting agencies’ offices. It won’t be an over exaggeration to say that an extras agency does no good to aspiring actors.

Those of you who have just stepped out of acting institutes and are waiting for your first break in the tinsel town, it is advisable not to ruin your career in the hands of acting agencies. London casting agencies would make big promises to you and would show you larger than life dreams but nothing would be realised. All your dreams would be dashed to ground and you would be robbed of whatever limited funds you have at your disposal.

You must be wondering how can you find extra work in films and tv or get to know about acting casting auditions if you do not approach an extras agency. Well, there are other ways as well of finding acting work that are more reliable, safe, and affordable.

The Internet, for instance, is flooded with acting work. There are websites that list extras work and lead roles in films and TV. Usually, these websites provide complete details about the acting work, such as the type of role, the details about the director and producer, the production company, the duration of the assignment, and the price that you would be paid for the acting work. You can apply to the roles that fit within your acting skills, experience, and requirements. You can keep all that you earn since these websites unlike acting agencies and London casting agencies do not charge any commission. All you have to pay is a nominal subscription fee.

If you don’t get the fruitful results you can quickly subscribe to other websites. Unlike an extras agency that might not let you break the contract that easily, websites that list acting work allow their customers to join or leave their website any time they want to. 

To find extra work, lead acting roles, tv presenting jobs, modelling jobs, and much more, you can visit www.castingnow.co.uk

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