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Just completed playing J G Ballard at Tannery Arts for Donna Huddleston to great success in WITCH DANCE. It was one invigorating and superb experience in at career of some 50 years. Thanks...

Marc Sinclair

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Do you want to know how to be on TV?

Are you a young artist desperate to be on TV? Or, are you someone who has worked on stage or in modelling world before and is now eager to try your luck on TV? Here are some steps that would take you direct to the scintillating world of tv:

Television industry is massively huge. There are immense opportunities for one and all. Whether you are young, old, tall, short, beautiful, ugly, fair, dark, there is a role to suit every appearance and temperament. So, if you want to be on tv, be flexible. Rather than limiting yourself to a certain type of role, be ready to take whatever comes you way. Also, you must willingly take up any tv extra work that is being offered to you. Extras work would give you a chance to share the screen with lead actors and would also help you make contacts with them. This would improve your chances to get lead roles on tv.

Look out for tv auditions. Tv casting auditions are really important if you want to be on TV. This is because, on your own, you can not find tv presenting jobs or even tv extras work. TV casting auditions are being organised by tv production companies and tv casting agents looking for actors and actresses for their upcoming projects. Give successful auditions and grab that lucrative tv acting work or tv extras work.

Work on your acting skills. TV is not the same as theatre or modelling industry. To be a tv presenter, for instance, you need to be highly interactive and lively, you must be bold and charismatic and must have the potential to hold back the viewers to your show. If you are looking for tv presenting jobs, it is advisable to get acting training from a reputable institute. Or, if you know someone with tv presenter job, ask him/her about the requirements and specific attributes for tv presenting jobs.

Improve your market visibility. The more the people who know you the higher are the chances that you can be on tv. Put your acting resume online to get yourself viewed by tv producers and tv directors. Or, apply to as many tv presenting jobs as possible to get entry into the television industry.

To be on tv, to find tv presenting jobs, to be a tv presenter, to get tv extras work, please visit www.castingnow.co.uk

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