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I have only been with Casting Now for one week and already I have had emails from Production Teams and Modelling Agencies. Fingers crossed!

Molly Gibbs

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Is it worth taking up tv extras work?

If you are a teenager, an individual just out of acting school, a retired person, or someone currently doing a part time job, it could really be worth taking up tv extras work. As an extra, you are not required to have any special acting skills. In most cases, your face might not even appear on the tv screen. You will be made a part of the crowd in public place or may be asked to stand in the background for filling up a scene. And for doing this, you will be offered a fairly decent sum of money.

Though you can’t expect a steady living from employment in the extras industry, you can surely look upon tv extras and extra work in films as a wonderful opportunity to earn some extra cash to supplement your income from other sources. If you live in a city where a lot of filming, film production, and tv production takes place, there would be lot of opportunities for you to get extra work. You may either visit the extras casting office or look for tv extras and film extras work advertised in local newspapers.

The best part about tv extras work is that you don’t really need to prepare yourself for that. Most probably, you won’t be given any lines or dialogues to speak. The director will instruct you what to do, where to stand, what to wear, how to look, etc. If you are required to say few lines or do a certain scene then it is called featured extras work and you are paid more for it.   

Those of you who have just stepped out of acting school and want to seek some work experience to reinforce your professional acting training, tv extras work is of great benefit. Likewise, if you want to experience the rush and excitement of working on a major tv show or movie or of working close to a renowned actor, it is really worth taking up extras work. 

TV extras and films extras work allow one to closely observe renowned and experienced actors and at the same time learn a lot from them. For aspiring actors, extra roles are a great opportunity to get some practical tips that are not given in acting books and classes.

However, before taking up tv extras and film extra work one must know that extras work can often be gruelling and long and can involve a lot of stranding around and waiting in between filming. In some cases, extras are made to work for as long as 12 hours in a day. But if you still feel that it’s worth taking up tv extras, extras film roles, just log on to www.castingnow.co.uk and experience the rocky kind of living that extras work promises.

We have called the client and now mark will call him to answer his queries regarding payment.

We have asked her to take low cost plan but shde didn't replied on that

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