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Below are just a few of the successes our members have had. If you're a member and have been shortlisted, auditioned or cast then why not add your success story? Not only will you appear below but also througout the site increasing your exposure! Simply click on 'Add A Success Story' from your Account Menu.

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Jacobite Shorts

My production team and I recently finished shooting the pilot episode for an experimental sitcom called backfire. We auditioned several actors, all who applied through casting now. The level of quality of the applicant was unexpectedly high and we were very impressed with the professionalism. Eventually we decided on the 3 actors for the main roles and were extremely happy with final result. As the writer and director of the sitcom I would recommend casting now 10 times out of 10 for unearthing both new talent and excellent professional actors. Matthew C Widdowson (Writer/Director of Backfire)

Date Posted: 25th September 2015

McS Publishing

As a casting director, I am very happy with "Casting Now". Many actors applied from far afield, for one of my plays

Date Posted: 14th September 2015

McS Publishing

As a casting director and playwright,I am very happy with " Many actors have applied for my play titled 'The Merry Traveller, from far afield. I'm very happy with "Casting Now".

Date Posted: 14th September 2015

Paul Ferris

A Casting Director recently got in contact and arranged a day where I could go and get my profile photos updated. Very professional and pleased with the results. Many Thanks. Paul.

Date Posted: 3rd September 2015


So Excited, cant wait, I have an audition in Ipswich on the 12th for a play, and have been guaranteed a part in one of the plays. Thanks Casting Now

Date Posted: 3rd September 2015


Have just returned from Cardiff. Took part in Red & Black Films latest horror film - Don't Knock Twice. A big thanks to John and Caradog.

Date Posted: 29th August 2015


Did a sport filming for cricket were l was among the west indies player. It was fun and awesome. The video would be on the BMI website as well. Loving casting now. 🙌🙏👌

Date Posted: 28th August 2015

Steven McKell

My names Steven Mckell, I have been on casting now for about a month now and have been contacted several times for extra work and by casting agencies. It was so quick and easy to contact them. Casting now has blown me away! cant wait for what comes next!!!

Date Posted: 19th August 2015

Tasha Hayleigh

I have not been on casting now for very long. But I have already had interest for a TV series and modelling. I hope to get many more!! Thank you Casting Now!

Date Posted: 17th August 2015


I've been on this site for about a week now, and I've already got one audition and a modelling job confirmed, one more in the process. This website is very professional and a great way to help you get noticed!

Date Posted: 13th August 2015

Larissa Britton

I joined Casting Now a month ago. two weeks ago I received e-mail from an independent producer. Now I am going to dance in London show... I feel very happy as I enjoy dancing. I am ready for any dance improvisations or extras...

Date Posted: 12th August 2015

Axel Grassi-Havnen

I was a little sceptical when I first saw the success stories and how quickly people seemed to get interest. Now I can vouch for the speed of interest shown! A few weeks in and I have already secured several auditions with an Independent Film Director. I am also being considered presently for some modelling for an Autumn/Winter collection. Very good!

Date Posted: 6th August 2015

Kevin D Stones

UP DATE! UP DATE! Thanks to Casting Now I've been confirmed for two new films. I have the script for one and waiting for the next script. So pleased with Casting Now well done, Great feeling knowing I'm with the 'Best'

Date Posted: 27th July 2015


Hi I am Griffin Macaulay. I've only been with Casting Now for a couple of weeks and the exposure and the experience is good. I have already been shortlisted for a couple of upcoming events. I wanted to thank Casting Now staff for attending to a fake modelling agency that e-mailed us, we notified the staff of a suspicious e-mail. Casting Now immediately advised us to delete all contacts from them out of our inbox & filed a complaint with the police. Casting Now gives parents the trust needed so that all young actors can pursuit the careers they deserve & want. Thank you Casting Now Team.

Date Posted: 20th July 2015

I've only been on casting now for 2 weeks and already got contacted about filming!

Date Posted: 14th July 2015

Kevin D Stones

Amazing! I had quite a few enquiries, had a days photo shooting, great fun, then Out of the Blue two, yes, two definite offers, just waiting for scripts. Can't wait to start..

Date Posted: 14th July 2015

Mr Kapish Ojo

I never knew this site could be very effective ,as am one who hardly trust sites like this and had no choice but to register and pay to have my account profile opened. I have only been on Casting Now for just short time, about one week or so and I applied for some jobs myself. But my greatest surprise is that I already got positive responses and I have been shortlisted and asked to come for a acting Theatre Radio series program on 18th and also received emails of modelling jobs requesting and wanting me for modelling projects/works . I will definitely recommend this site to all and they say no harm in trying and staying positive in all one does . #THANKFUL #STAYFOCUS

Date Posted: 14th July 2015

Mac Entertainments

I have used Casting Now to find artistes for several years and have always been successful, Thank you Casting Now - I will continue to use your site year on year!

Date Posted: 13th July 2015

Shannon Prior

ive been on casting now Since 9th June and i have already been shortlisted to do a Fashion Show! Thanks to Casting now!

Date Posted: 30th June 2015

Adam Ward

Having been on Casting now for a few weeks, I've just signed up for a new TV series- been working on a universal feature and been selected for modelling jobs. Exciting stuff, thank you

Date Posted: 28th June 2015

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