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Below are just a few of the successes our members have had. If you're a member and have been shortlisted, auditioned or cast then why not add your success story? Not only will you appear below but also througout the site increasing your exposure! Simply click on 'Add A Success Story' from your Account Menu.

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Miss Fontaine

Thanks to castingnow I have been offered modelling and reality TV. I have been called for audition. Thanks CastingNow...I look forward to many more castings.

Date Posted: 5th December 2014

Lee Krinder

I was offer the part of St Francis of Assisi at Sale West Community Centre.

Date Posted: 4th December 2014

Mark Christopher Collins

I have worked on a number of productions since joining Casting Now including short films, a feature film and a commercial. I am pleased with the response that i have had so far and look forward to a busy future.

Date Posted: 30th November 2014

Steve Hernand

Signed up with a quarterly subscription. Applied for a first job as an extra, got the audition, the job, and the great pay! All from trying the service and simply applying! I am sold - great service and worth the risk... Give it try!

Date Posted: 28th November 2014

Frank Worthy

i sang thats life and got a standing ovation and new york new york on a coster crous ship the italun conper seed i wos the best singer on the ship

Date Posted: 19th November 2014

Free Angels

Worked with FreeAngels on a youtube video clip...Its great ! thanks Electrica:)

Date Posted: 16th November 2014


Let's hope I can add to this soon!

Date Posted: 14th November 2014

Jessica Loakes

I've been signed up to Casting Now for only 5 hours and have already had 4 emails showing interest in me for modelling work!! I only have positive things to say about Casting Now, so simple and so brilliant. I hope the interest continues and helps me break into the modelling industry! :) xx

Date Posted: 4th November 2014

Stuart Jaenicke

I have been with Casting Now for a few weeks and have been shortlisted for a fair few jobs already including game shows, commercials etc.

Date Posted: 28th October 2014


I've been with CastingNOW for a few weeks and already had replies from agencies and also short listed for a couple of jobs I've applied for. I also got a message from ITV asking for my number to have a chat with me, so all positive in such a short period of time. I am truly amazed by the response!

Date Posted: 17th October 2014


I have not been with Casting Now for very long, but have been an extra for various films/documentaries/student projects already had interest for filming. I hope to get many more!!

Date Posted: 8th October 2014


Been with Casting Now for just over a month, and I have been shortlisted for a modleing job. Excited for more to come

Date Posted: 7th October 2014


I have been invited to an American Apparel casting held in Leeds after sending in my photo. I have also been scouted by Adora modelling agency and participated in the Miss Leeds 2014 competition in which I succeeded through to the finals.

Date Posted: 5th October 2014

Sarah Walton

I have been on casting now for a matter of days and already had a response from a lady to do a photo shoot and had a agencie get in touch!

Date Posted: 3rd October 2014

Abi Weedall

I may not have the full experience of being behind a camera but acting is my passion in life and I want someone to see the emotion I put into my parts - I always got told I would never be good enough to do something like this and I want to prove those wrong I am ready to face my challenge and hopefully I will get some auditions and parts soon. Thank you Casting Now!

Date Posted: 13th September 2014

Beth Tyler

I haven't been with Casting Now long and I have already been in music videos and been short listed for upcoming horror films, Thanks Casting Now

Date Posted: 11th September 2014

Amy Woods

I was only on CastingNow for a couple of weeks before I was contacted by a director for a series of horror shorts, episodes and features! Just my sort of thing! It's great when the directors contact you without the need to apply: It makes you feel so special! Thanks CastingNow!

Date Posted: 9th September 2014


I was so excited to learn that I had been shortlisted for four projects last month and chosen to feature in two.

Date Posted: 3rd September 2014

My second successful selection through Casting Now was for a Featured Role in a Commercial! All in less than one month! Thanks again, Casting Now!

Date Posted: 30th August 2014

I had been on Casting Now for two days and have been offered an acting part in a new Pilot TV series. I'm over the moon!

Date Posted: 27th August 2014

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