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About Me

I am 60+ and getting younger. I have been a BBC Video Tape Engineer for over a decade at TVC London, a computing journalist, a politician (Green), a college and university lecturer, teachers, writer, comedian, web developer and now Actor - and that's not all.

I have three weekly internet radio programmes, on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm in which I perform my own monologues - which are basically comic but come from my Techno-Green standpoint. I also often perform on Galaxy Radio 102.5 internet station's 492 Korna Klub - 5pm Friday.

My podcast Tortytalks is available via iTunes and many other providers.

I am an Apple App writer. I influence an audience of older people who used to 'microwrite' - and can now do so again on larger iPhones and iPads.


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Show reel comp - 2019 June

Description: The second half of 2019

Show reel comp - 2018

Victory Speech

Shopify tutorial - chatty

Audio Reels

Audio Showreel Comp - 2018 - Simon Anthony
2020 Reel 2 - Simon Anthony
2019 Showreel Up To June - Simon Anthony
We Are The Future - Long Edit Version - Simon Anthony
We Are The Future - Audio Play - Edit - Goldsmith Uni Student Alex Georgiou
Laugh ! - Simon Anthony
Staying The Night - Monologue - Simon Anthony



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Employment History & Experience


'Pagalpanti' Bollywood film Rachita Kapoor Casting LTD : Featured S. A. - frequent close to camera work.
El Tiempo - Carlos Paul V - Music video. : Dr Finlay White inventor of time travel
Kidnapped Politicians in Gritty Abstract Short Rap music video - Jedi Ali : Member of Angry Mob - bystander - featured card holder
The Presence at No 59 - Katie Cooper : Father Arvel
Allergies vs Intolerances - Nuffield Health - Documentary : Real world patient interview and 'reveal' of allergy results on camera
'The Wright way' L&Q short film - corporate. : 'Granddad' - with a leaking shed roof
'TIS THE SEASON - Brighton Film School Nathan Still' : 'Nick' - Father Christmas as a taxi cab driver. Short film. Torty Talks : Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm half hour self written, created and performed monologue programme.
Goldsmiths College London : Lead, “We are the future “ audio Sci Fi horror
Podcast site - : Thrice monthly updates at least
'Sacred Mary' - Lorenzo Premuroso. Short film : Grandfather - Painter.
'Streets of London' - student production : Historian - Brick Lane
"The Almier" Ronu Creative. : Voice acting, Dr David Murray and Joseph Resnic + other charactors
492 Korna Klub : Live improvised drama, multiple characters.
Ambron Radio : Presenter, performer comedy and talk show 'Torty Talks' Mon,Tue, Thur 7pm
Mad Science - local schools - 4 one hour stints each week. : Children's Entertainer and Educator - Science demonstrations and activities


Afro B - Shaku Shaku (feat. Team Salut) Music Video : Featured Extra -
Dutch London - Donna and Vixen : Father Christmas, short film - dark undertones.
Westfield Stratford : Santa !
Macky Gee 'Active' Music Video : Featured extra.
Dreamscape Films Squares V2 : Opinionated member of the public. Ad lib political rant.
Orange TV Show : Food & Drink Tasting, Discussing European Culture : Third recorded sequence - reprising earlier role. Aussie Farmer - Deep fried food
Cloudy River - Charlie Ford & Sophie Hardcastle : 'Art Byer' featured extra.
Channel 7 Father's Day ' Wellness' : featured extra - as live recording - two segments
Bloodshot Heart - Australian Cultural Fund - Parish Malfitano : Featured extra - argues with lead pushing in to a queue
Orange TV Show – Food & Drink Tasting, Discussing European Culture : Second recorded sequence - reprising earlier role. Aussie Farmer - not drinking
About a Hitman - TV 'Dramady' pilot. - recall Adriel Sudhakar : Office worker - on a different day - same lift - same workers.
SAE Student film - "Sorry Grandma" : Father of irritating son at Grandma's funeral
One Love Films 'AKONI' : Homeless man in comune
Big City : Featured Extra ( gets hit by lead )
Spectrum 90Seconds - Forklift Safety Campaign video : 'BOSS' lead. 'Make the right call'
About a Hitman - TV 'Dramady' pilot. : Extra - Office worker
Loaded : Scary Party Guest Extra - in a mask !
'My First Panic' AFRTS : Extra - Irritated patient in A and E
Music Video - Cilla Jane : Extra - sad old man in a club
'Let me in 2' - Nurses Office Work Party James Trimboli : Featured Extra - Boss.
OPEN TO OFFERS- Chad Richards - DIRECTOR Antony Yee. PRODUCER Hayley Cascun : Extra - bidder at house auction
Western Sydney University - Studio, on site V/O multiple sessions over 3 months. : Lead performer, 'Life on Campus' . 'Sir David Attenborough' mocumentary. 3 x 15 minute video series. Ep1 Highlights - http:// . Ep2 In full -
Ivanna Benesova - Chech TV : 'TV Show – Food & Drink Tasting, Discussing European Culture' 60 year old Aussie farmer reminiscing
'A Comedy' Sci Fi Dystopian morality story. AFRTS production : Cast Extra - Arms dealer at a garden party. Via Star Now
The Devil's Caress - Roz Riley . : Played 'Henry Arkwright'. 8 fully sold out performances. 90 minute play by Wendy Lewis, based on June Wright's original 1958 ' Agatha Christie' style murder mystery - breaking the 4th wall. Three months from audition to final performance.
Residing in Transit. 'Kooche' Theatre group (Persian language) : Sound production and performance Sound creation and design, editing. All in Farsi - Persian - which I don't speak. Five performances.


BBC Dr Who DVD - Underwater Menace : Interview in Studio 3 TVC London - working on Dr Who show in the 1980s as a Video Tape Engineer.


Winkball : Post Concert Web video interview - after Verdi Requiem performance.


Winkball : Pre concert Web interview - Promenade Concert.
Royal Albert Hall London : Introductory opening to the 2014 BBC Henry Wood Promenade Concert Season title sequence, in vision and V/O.


Paul Hanes form Fourman Films : Impromptu speech at the World Against War Conference In London.


BBC TV London - Bite Back : Audience member - featured question after standing for the Green Party in the 1992 UK General Election.


Central TV Lenton Lane Nottingham UK. : Video Tape Engineer. Electronic News Gathering. Broadcast of Adverts. Studio Recordings


BBC TV London , 1978 - 1991 : Video Tape engineer - studio recordings - drama - Dr Who , Shakespeare, News. Live broadcasts. If it was on the BBC I probably worked on it at some point over the decade. Sound work, Video editing, Quadruplex, 1 inch, Cassette. Dubbing, QA, Maintenance.



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Specialist Areas

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 -  Documentary
 -  Education
 -  Film
 -  History
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Employment History & Experience

Western Sydney University - Studio, on site V/O multiple sessions over 3 months. : Lead performer, 'Life on Campus' . 'Sir David Attenborough' mocumentary. 3 x 15 minute video series. Ep1 Highlights - http:// . Ep2 In full -

Extras Work, Partipant, Contestant


 -  Commercials
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 -  Film (Professional)
 -  Film (Student)
 -  Music Videos
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Employment History & Experience

Holby City - BBC Elstree.

Physical Details

White/ Caucasian
Skin Colour:
5 ft 10 in
17 st 0 lb
Dress Size:
48 in
50 in
Shoe Size:
8 UK
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Hair Length:
Hair Style:

Languages Spoken

 -  English

Experience & Qualifications

General Experience


Web developer
Lecturer / Writer / Actor
App maker Siwriter - iOS App . Chording Keyboard text entry.

Skills / Experience

HTML5, CSS3, GRID, SASS, LESS, Javascript, Jquery, Bootstrap, Flexbox, Foundation, Vue.
Automated build systems and scripts, Webpack, Grunt, Gulp, Compass, NPM, Bower, Browserify, Livereload etc.
Git, ( github versioning) .
Mobile experimenter - see links at
App developer IOS - Titanium Appcelerator, Testflight.
Joomla Web developer 1999 to 2018, Volute of Nottingham UK.
Shopify - Curves Are Us - animation demo (scroll down , mouseover image)
Computer Science Lecturer - since 1995, extensive classroom management
QA engineer ANT in Cambridge - 5 years.
Industrial programmer (ECS Nottingham)
IT journalist, Archimedes Word, Acorn User and Archive.
Special Needs IT teacher and programmer - SNCFE / SEMERC
BBC and Central TV Video engineer / editor ( 12 years ).
Managed multiple groups of adults and children over 40 years
Classical Music lover - Proms a speciality.
Now also, an actor.

Experience - overview

Owner, sole trader, Tortoisesoft Enterprises.
Web Engineering contracts, Big Picture Medical - IOS and Web App dev work, Tortoisesoft Enterprises - with Volute, TAB, Deepend, Boomworks.
Web technology trainer contracting at Dynamic Web Training - North S.
Registered Apple developer, mobile applications - the SiWriter
Extensive classroom management.
Staff Training and management BBC TV London

Qualified lecturer with twenty years experience teaching international, mature students and Special Needs - teaching:-
Computer Science, IcT, Ethics and basic skills, Adult education and ‘Introduction to the working environment’.
Code Camp teacher - 5 to 13 year old children.

Browser STB Software testing five years Q.A. - automated scripts and manual ‘In-house’ technologies
Extensively published and experienced writer and journalist
Mobile app and responsive website development
Joomla CMS fully Responsive templates - both hand built and amended. MAMP, WAMP, LAMP, IIS
Git, ( Jira, Agile, Teamworks
MAC OS X, up to and including High Sierra.
Photoshop and other graphics applications
Windows applications – full standard knowledge ( I teach it )
Knowledge of Linux
Public speaker ( native English )
Decade of BBC Broadcast Video Tape TV engineering
Actor -

Employment recent overview

Ongoing : MD Tortoisesoft Enterprises /
Volute - part time - contracts Curves Are Us - animation demo
Multiple web site contracts including site for the UK NHS Jan 1999 to date

Multiple roles as an Actor -

Recent contracts : Codecamp
Teaching 5-13 year old children to code web apps April-May 2018 Oct 17 - Jan 18

Big Picture Eye Health Jan 17 - July 17 IOS and Web App Medical dev work 6 month contract. NDA

Dynamic Web Training July 2016 - Jan 17
Providing training in web technologies, HTML, HTML5, CSS3, HTML emails, Responsive web, to private and corporate clients. Classroom Management.

TAB corp Sept to Dec 2015
Creating internal web advert pages - see

Other Recent Sites JQuery additions to complex NHS health Joomla site. Adapted Joomla, contracting with creating NHS associated site, alternative Number 8 version an architectural site using two hand built templates, - some using an adapted Gantry5 Joomla CMS template.
All sites are fully responsive using HTML5, CSS3, some Bootstrap3 and jQuery with the Joomla CMS.

UK - Volute example Joomla CMS. Medical, Health and Research sites. In handover period. NHS game Nottingham Homelessness Directory. - Very standard Joomla site :-)

Previous contracting

Web Development
Swissworx:- Dec to Feb 2016

Front end Angular driven SCSS, HTML, JS, coding for major travel web site. Working on cutting edge technology producing solid code that can stand thousands of hits a day. NDA

Tab Corp Sept to Dec 2015
landing pages and further experiments.
Animation examples - fully responsive - for Tab Corp.

Lecturing in Web Design, PHP coding
SAE Institute Sydney June to September 2015

Teaching web development, PHP programming - introduction. General studies. Extensive classroom management.

Web Development, April to May 2015
Converting and upgrading the NEHTA government website. Joomla CMS template work, Bootstrap, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5 . Multiple link restructuring, code clash prevention and legacy retention, cross browser testing.

Sydney Opera House ‘search’ development. February to March 2015
Creating prototype replacement search system for the Sydney Opera House. Design and interface model pre-existing, required to create working version for later inclusion on the live site with zero disruption to existing site functions. jQuery, javascript, bootstrap, HTML5 CSS3 used for the creation of complex user interactions. SOH prototype search system demo as presented to SOH - now active online at

App Development,

Tortoisesoft Enterprises February 2014 to Jan 2015
Experimental work - In development, - - for my Daughter’s birthday - may be broken from time to time. Soon available as apps on Android and IOS. View on a mobile - it will display very badly on a desktop, but that’s not the idea. Load your own images with the camera or paste an image URL. App mixes between views as the device is tilted. APP STORE LINK Quinkey chording keyboard, fast text entry Qwerty replacement - save your thumbs. iPhone and iPad app.

Developing web and IOS apps for domestic and business use.
Website support, creation, maintenance and development. Supporting multiple clients and projects .

Joomla senior consultant
Polished Geek, Volute, Hydrostat August 2013 - February 2014

Polished Geek - fully responsive websites for the US.

Hydrostat Website development and distance automated control technology. Apache REST configuration.

UK based work

Web site Designer / Engineer VOLUTE December 1999 – October 2014
Volute, based in Nottingham provide ‘more than just websites’.
Employed three days per week – see and for examples.

Multiple major continuing NHS contracts.
Extensive use of Joomla php MySQL driven web CMS ( previously Mambo ).
Creation of owner up-dateable websites from a design brief and ongoing consultation.
Intranet and Internet accessible websites to AA standards.
Configuration of off the shelf software to provide customer specific requirements.
Design of user friendly site update interface operation.
Maintenance of sites and training web site owner's staff, including training manual and video creation.
Design, alteration and creation of software to customers requirements.
Customer facing. Consultancy. Flash banner creation and extensive image manipulation work.
Extensive PHP, HTML, Javascript and MySQL work creating dynamic websites..
Experience setting up and use of IIS and Apache web servers ( MAMP / XAMP ).

Ongoing, self employment Tortoisesoft Enterprises
Tortoisesoft Enterprises is a sole trader company including IOS Apple app development SiWriter.

SiWriter code includes - HTML5, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, NodeJS, Titanium Appcelerator for IOS7 and above releases. More information at

Qualifications & Training

BBC Engineering qualification
Certificate in Education

Other Information

Relevant Skills

I have done so many things in my life I run a podcast about them. TortyTalks - on most podcast feeds.

Interests & Hobbies

Classical Music, Science - basically all of it. Computing, but not action games. Technology, Writing. Video and Audio recording and editing. Anything mentioned on Tortytalks !

Miscellaneous Information

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