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Ryan Cross

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About Me

I am Ryan Cross, I am 25 years old and almost have my degree in acting performance. Ever since I was small I have loved to be an entertainer, whether it was playing music for my family on my old stratocaster or performing in school productions, subconsciously, I knew what I would aim for, before I even realised it.



 -  Film (Professional)
 -  Film (Student)


 -  Birmingham
 -  Black Country
 -  Cockney
 -  Geordie
 -  Liverpudlian
 -  Manchester
 -  Northern England
 -  Northern Irish
 -  Northern Working
 -  Posh
 -  RP
 -  Scottish
 -  Welsh
 -  Yorkshire
 -  General American
 -  Massachusetts
 -  New York City
 -  Southern American
 -  Texas
 -  Dublin
 -  French
 -  Irish
 -  RP
 -  Russian

Employment History & Experience

I have staged a number of my own works, but only in small spaces with small audiences as I generally work with site specific. I have recently taken more of a shine to the film industry after having gained experience. In deciding to do so, I have been working mainly on student films (to build my show reel). I have done a student film quite recently, which lead me on to some archive footage film work, modelling and currently I am working on an experimental film with the same director.


Specialist Areas

 -  Comedy
 -  Film
 -  History
 -  Media
 -  Music
 -  News/ Current Affairs
 -  Performing Arts
 -  TV Shows
 -  Video Gaming
 -  Voiceover

Employment History & Experience

I have only ever really presented live shows. For a number of years I was a promoter for local bands, I would set up relatively big charity events and then present them in between the acts.



 -  Art Modelling
 -  Corporate

Employment History & Experience

I have done a number of modelling shoots as a musician, all promotional of course. However in recent months, I have began doing live action modelling for an Image Source Director. This is of course to a degree still acting, however it was no different to any promotional modelling shoots that I have worked on in the past.



 -  Band/ Group
 -  Solo

Vocal Skills

 -  Bass
 -  Tenor

Instruments Played

 -  Bass Guitar
 -  Guitar

Employment History & Experience

I have been a singer my entire life, singing in musicals such as Grease and Dracula Spectacular as a teen. In my later teen years I joined up with a band as a vocalist and have since been the vocalist of three semi successful bands. I have toured the north of England and been invited all over the work as a member of my second band. I currently work with a producer and we now just create for fun, however maybe in the future, we shall make more music.


Physical Details

White/ Caucasian
Skin Colour:
6 ft 0 in
12 st 1 lb
Dress Size:
32 in
Shoe Size:
10.5 UK
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Hair Length:
Hair Style:

Languages Spoken

 -  English

Experience & Qualifications

Qualifications & Training

FDA Performing Arts 2:1 Student of the year (Kirklees College in partnership with Teeside University) 2017
BA Acting Performance (Due to graduate in September)

Other Information

Relevant Skills

-Working knowledge of practitioners and ability to apply theory
-Ability to work as a team or solo
-Ability to analyse text to create connection with a role
-Great Communicator
-Eager to learn
-Happy to adapt
-Willing to help
-Ability to learn a script quickly
-Ability to adapt appearance

Interests & Hobbies

I spend all of my free time either with my two year old daughter, writing (Scripts, poetry or music) and playing music. I have also in the last year become a huge fitness enthusiast and so I enjoy working out and running.

Miscellaneous Information

-Tattooed (Two full sleeves, two small chest tattoos and one small back tattoo) happy to cover up with make up

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