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About Me

I'm an adaptive actress who performs well in a variety of roles. Strong in emotional scenes e.g. period dramas, addiction and crime thrillers. Carries a neutral British accent. Dancer and yogi. Small athletic frame.

Career has centred in education and training, which means my presentational skills are expert and my ability to adapt in the moment comes with ease. I am comfortable in front of a camera and an audience and have had TV experience on the BBC as a child. Achieved an A grade in A-level drama, scoring highest in the school year. Open to, and grateful for, all opportunities


Languages Spoken

 -  English

Experience & Qualifications

General Experience

Played 8-year old Claire in BBC drama, Jack of Hearts, starring Keith Allen and Miranda Llewellyn-Jenkins (error on the link - I played Claire, Katie's friend)

Qualifications & Training

A grade in A-level drama, elocution sessions

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