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About Me

Ranjan Das-Gupta
D.O.B 9th August 1972
If you’re looking for a competent Voice Over person, presenter or actor then I’m keen to get stuck in.

My ethnicity is South Asian (Indian) but have been raised and educated in the United Kingdom.

Despite pursuing a career in television for some time several years back, I then found a “proper” job and moved away from the industry. While I am now very settled and financially stable, I desperately feel that I cannot give up and return to the industry. I do have TV presenting and Voice Over experience and I think I could do well. I am not looking to become famous or to earn loads of money from this. I am extremely hard working and I will never let you down.

I have a flexible job and can take leave at relatively short notice and money isn’t my main motivating factor. It’s wanting to really do this and do well. I may not have gone to acting school or gone through the proper channels, but I urge you to try me out. At the time of writing I have a voice over showreel but I am re-doing a presenter showreel too.

Would LOVE to work as a presenter in the web, TV, and for some reason would love to try the Shopping Channel. Voice Over work and radio are also what i'd like to do.

Audio Reels

Ranjan Audio Showreel 1 - Ranjan Das-Gupta

Experience & Qualifications

General Experience

Currently applying for Hospital Radio positions.

Worked with Jean-Paul Orr from the Showreel Company to produce voiceover showreels, one of which has been attached to this profie.
Am now looking to create a more updated visual showreel.

Qualifications & Training

BSc (hon) 2ƈ Computer Science - City University 1990 - 1994

Other Information

Relevant Skills

Television presenting
Amateur Dramatics (acted in many plays)
Editing software

Interests & Hobbies


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