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About Me

Visit youtube for showreel: TheOldlag. Title: If I was a horse they would shoot me.

Audio Reels

Autograph - William Ewing
Italian Agent - Williamewing



Extras Work, Partipant, Contestant


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 -  Film (Professional)
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Employment History & Experience

Extra work on Half-Hearted Film Production.
Auditions for London Film School Students.
Just completed Moneygram Video Commercial for India Cricket World Cup 2011. Appeared as an Umpire (one of two) and Crowd extra. Working as Pompous Banker in HSBC promotion at local bank on 8th January 2011.
SA & Featured Extra and Group Extra in:
Outside Bet, Doorman in The Iron Lady, Featured Extra, Austenland, Welcome to the Punch, and The Wedding Video.
Commercial Video, Cash Converters 2011 promotion video's.

Languages Spoken

 -  English
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