Nige J Bradley

Nige J Bradley

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  • Playing Age: from 30 to 50
    Location: Cheshire
    Gender: Male

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About Me

I’ve arrived late to getting involved in something I’ve always wanted to do and be a part of!
I am no less passionate about what I want to do or how I can apply myself and life experience to any casting or image I become part of.
I’m innovative, creative and flexible in application and can offer a lot as a mature model, extra or an extra/actor with short goal: sky is the limit...for now!

My personal background is pure technical engineering and automation. This has been (and still is) the main industry I work in.
Seeing how things work and how things are made whether it be a movie to a vehicle still fascinates me and I guess this is where my passion for creativity and design stems from.




Extras Work, Partipant, Contestant

Languages Spoken

 -  English

Experience & Qualifications

General Experience

I’ve gained a lot of recent experience in extra roles in film and advertisements.
I’ve had the opportunity to gain experience in mature modelling too.
At this time my experience is growing in the areas I’m interested in and I’m fortunate to be in a position and have an appeal that appears to be attractive.

Qualifications & Training

Currently working on my Spotlight foundation.

Other Information

Interests & Hobbies

Mountain biking is my fitness routine
I love live music and festivals
Socialising and extreme DIYing!!

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