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Mark Christopher Collins


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About Me


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Old showreel 2014

Description: A showreel I made for the actor Mark Christopher Collins ( Music pieces by Dominik Landahl, Andy Gray

Showreel 2015-16



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Employment History & Experience

Catogory - Title- Director- My Role- Month-
Year- Website/IMDB Link

Feature Film 'Undercover'- Nicholas Winter- PC Sommers- May 2016

Feature Film 'The Hitmans Bodyguard'-Patrick Highes-Support Artist Garretts Officers GIPN (scene with Samuel L Jackson)-May 2016-

Feature Film 'The Men Who Sank The Bank Of England'-Peter Benson-Support Actor Squat Bailiff- April 2016

Commercial-Virgin Trains Marathon Commercial- Paramedic- April 2016

Short film 'Submission'-Simon Burgess'-Lead Support Actor-Charles Grayson MMA Coach/Father March 2016

Short Film-'Last Light'-Dan Tonkin-Lead Actor [VIC]-JAN 2016-

Feature Film-'Denial'-Mick Jackson-Support Actor [Neo Nazi]-JAN 2016-

Short Film-'From Syria'-Lauri Korpela-Lead Actor [GEOFF]-JAN 2016-

Short Film-'Break'-Riyadh Haque-Lead Actor [KEVIN]-DEC 2015-

Music Video- Christian Dance-Obi Emelonye-Dancer [WHITE MAN]-DEC 2015-

Feature Film-In Cube-Keir Siewert-Support Actor [ROGER] (Astrids Landlord)-NOV 2015-

Music Video -Free - Christian Brown - Lead Actor (Revengeful/suicidal Father)-OCT 2015-

Feature Film -Hooligan Legacy-Nicholas Winter- Supporting Actor (Lead Arresting Officer) (Scene with Gary Finan)- OCT 2015-

Feature Film -War Machine -David Michod - Supporting Artist [PARISIAN] (scene with Brad Pitt) - OCT 2015-

Commercial-NHS Diabetes Awareness-Louis Paltnoi-Supporting Artist-SEP 2015-

Web Series (Three episodes) - Karly & Clive- Helen Albert - Lead Actor [CLIVE]- SEP 2015-

Short Film- Crisis- Vanessa Zhang - Supporting Lead Actor [DAN] (Wife killer) -AUG 2015-

Commercial-Betway Sports Adverts-Anthony Werkman-Featured Supporting Artist-Jul 2015 -

TV Series (Two Episodes)-Holby City-Rick Platt-Featured Supporting Artist-Jul 2015-

TV Series (Three Episodes)- Lucky Man- Adam MacDonald-Featured Supporting Artist (Fraud Squad Officer)-JUN/JUL 2015-

Short Film-60 Second War-Billy Dudley-Supporting Lead Actor [RAVENWOOD] (Head of CIA)-JUN 2015-'s-creepy-media/'60-second-war'-shot-film-adaptation/

Corporate Video -Surrey ST - Christian Brown- Stand In (Pick up main character) -JUN 2015-

Short Film - Blood Is Thicker- Mark Collins- Lead Actor [AHAZ]-MAY 2015 -

TV Series- The Tunnel (Series 2)- Mike Barker- Supporting Actor (French speaking Inspector) -MAY 2015-

Film Test Shoot- MR C-Christian Brown-Lead Actor [MR C](Torturer)-MAY 2015-

Commercials - Solar Box - Andrea Benigno-Supporting Actor (Man speaking on mobile)-APR 2015-

Short Film- Stolen Moments(Dear Andie)-Shelley Miller- Supporting Lead [DR PHILIPS]- MAR 2015-

Short Film - The Target - Raj Rajesh Rajilal-Supporting Artist - MAR 2015-

Feature Film - Mission Impossible-Rogue Nation - Christopher McQuarrie -Supporting Artist [BELARUS] (stunt scene with Tom Cruise)- MAR 2015-

Short Film- Sweet Meats-Charlie Edwards-Moss- Supporting Lead Actor [Gary] (Landlord)- JAN 2015-

Short Film - Stay-Ben Hyland -Supporting Actor [DAN] (Brother of lead) -JAN 2015-

Corporate - Homeless Testimonies- Mark Collins - Interviewer (Interviewing ex homeless people)- 2014-

Commercials- KingsChat- Tamekia Igori- Supporting Actor (Intimidating Interviewer)- 2014-

TV Idents - Cowes Week - Mark Collins- Interviewer (Interviewing participants)- 2014-

Feature Film - Burning Ambition- Roy Beach -Supporting Actor [MARK] - 2014-

Short Film - The Last Man- Reuben Esson-Parkes- Lead Actor (The last man left on earth)- 2014-

Short Film- The Black Unseen- El Zerach- Supporting Actor (kidnapper/murderer)

Commercials -Nothing On- James Dimmock Extra (Pub Customer)-2013-

Corporate -MD Interviews -Interviewer (Interviewing Main contributors)-2013-

Short Film- Rapid Intervention -Mark Collins- Supporting Actor (Security van driver) -2013-

Commercial -Living Dead -Mark Collins- Extra- DEC 2013-

Feature Film -Sparks & Embers - Gavin Boyter - Supporting Artist (couple in cafe) -DEC 2012-

Feature Film- Ghosted -Craig Viveiros -Supporting Artist (Prison Chef) -2010-

Documentary - Time Travellers -Mark Collins- Interviewer (Interviewing all main participants)- 2009-

TV Pilot -Sirens- Tom Holland- Supporting Actor (Scene with Alicia Douvall) -2008-

Short Film -Divided We Fall- Mark Collins-Supporting Artist (Gunman) - 2007-

Corporate Documentary- Tracey Lumley Baptism- Maurice Gilliam- Baptizer (Baptizing in the sea)- JUL 2007-

Short Film -The War Within -Dan Tucker- Supporting Artist (British Soldier)- 2002- (used to bring awareness about PTSD for soldiers returning from war)

TV Film -The Great Dome Robbery-Gabriel Range - Supporting Artist (Armed police officer SO19) -JUL 2002-

Short Film -The Reckoning -Chris Barfoot -Supporting Artist - NOV 2001-

Short Film- Brown -Supporting Actor (Barman) - 2001 (shot on 35mm film in black and white)

TV Series -Confidence Lab -Kudos/BBC-Myself- MAR 2000-

Short Film -Crazy Cabbie -Mark Collins -Lead Actor (Crazy Cabbie)- MAY 2000

Feature Film - Quadrophenia - Franc Roddamn -Extra (Mod outside Brighton cafe)- 1979-

Physical Details

White/ Caucasian
Skin Colour:
5 ft 10 in
12 st 13 lb
Dress Size:
43 in
33 in
Shoe Size:
10 UK
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Hair Length:
Bald/ Crew Cut
Hair Style:

Languages Spoken

 -  English
 -  French

Experience & Qualifications

General Experience

Lots of varied life experiences, survived despite my eventful past lifestyle. I have been told that i should write a book but not sure that people would believe it :0]

Qualifications & Training

Betsey group actor training (Anton Saunders) 2015
Real Meisner technique (Tom Radcliffe) 2015
RADA Masterclass's various tutors 2015
Cutting Edge:IOW Stage Fighting 2015
L/A masterclass Spotlight Studios (Lisa Pescia) 2015
Leeds University Physical Theatre Meyerhold bio mechanics 2014
On the job training including TV & Film making courses since 2000
British Academy of Stage and Screen Acting

Other Information

Relevant Skills

Combat skills, armed and unarmed, Boxing, Martial arts, Muay Thai, Knives, Guns and some stage combat etc.
Driving skills to advanced level including motorcycles, racing,road/track, some stunts and HGV.
Boat pilot including high speed motor boats and yachts also jet ski and scuba diving.
Had flying experience and lessons but could do with refresher lessons.
Horse riding skills including bare back but need refresher lessons.
All building skills (hands on).

Interests & Hobbies

Truth searching, people watching including TV and films, Motorcycle and car racing, boxing, plus more...

Miscellaneous Information

Fearless Casting and Modelling Agency d22c9f5

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