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Mama Ivy

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About Me

I have been on stage and in drama classes since I can remember with a real passion for the craft, I have had unpaid and paid experiences in acting and after taking some time away I want to dive back into it and work in the industry with my whole heart. I have always found it hard to express myself in my day to day life but through acting, music and writing I can express myself without leaving a stone unturned. I feel ready and passionate about acting and any new professional experiences would be truly amazing.
I really enjoy diving into what a character means to me and bringing them to life with a bit of me brushed into the character. As well as speaking and writing fluently in British English, I also speak Wolof and Mandinka, two of many languages spoken in Western Africa.



Languages Spoken

 -  English

Experience & Qualifications

General Experience

While living in London I had attended Drama and dance classes at the Brady arts center as well as The Half Moon Theatre, I also played the leading role in a play at the Alliance Franco centre in The Gambia when I was 13, after leaving school with a B in Drama I went on to college for a BnD in acting and performing arts, while I was at college I auditioned for a part in a short film for the Nottinghamshire police and was casted, I then left college to become a chef due to financial difficulties and many years later was casted in the film “Adrift in Soho”.

Qualifications & Training

Drama-Brady Arts Theatre 2000-2002

Drama-Half Moon Theatre 2000-2002

B in Drama in secondary school 2008

Incomplete BnD in Drama and Performing Arts 2009

Small part in “Adrift in Soho” 2014

Other Information

Relevant Skills

Acting, singing, songwriting, Poetry, short stories

Interests & Hobbies

Acting, writing, singing, dancing, cooking etcetera

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