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About Me

I am currently self-employed as Creative Writer/Wordsmith with Poets Press Telegrams, an alternative gift and greetings incentive
which assists in a variety of local charity funding.

Also founder/organisor in charge of Community Broadcast Network and CBN-News; known as the voice of local communities; at grass routes level.

The aforementioned business incentives are run by a Princes' Youth Business Trust funded initiative "Poetry-In-Motion Communitcations" (Pimco); aka: Pimco Media Group (Uk)

Although power-chair bound, due to near fatal RTA, I can get around on crutches from time to time.



 -  Musicals
 -  Teaching
 -  Theatre (Fringe)
 -  Theatre (Professional)
 -  Theatre (Touring)


 -  Birmingham
 -  Cornish
 -  Essex
 -  Geordie
 -  Liverpudlian
 -  Manchester
 -  Northern Irish
 -  Posh
 -  Scottish
 -  Scottish Highlands
 -  Welsh
 -  French Canadian
 -  New York City
 -  Southern American
 -  Texas
 -  Chinese
 -  Farsi/Persian
 -  German
 -  Pakistani
 -  Thai

Employment History & Experience

for Writer & Actors Workshop presenting Readings of new plays at local arts outlets.

Theatre-In-Education performer touring schools to highlight up-to-date social and anti-social issues of the day.

Voice overs for a variety of fund-raising videos in association with local community interests and self-help groups and organisations.

Individual performances for Wildcat Stage Productions, Scottish Theatre Company and Scottish Monologue Theatre.



 -  Commercials
 -  Promotions
 -  Radio
 -  Teaching
 -  TV
 -  Voiceover

Specialist Areas

 -  Antiques
 -  Childrens TV
 -  Documentary
 -  Education
 -  Event
 -  History
 -  News/ Current Affairs
 -  Performing Arts
 -  Public Speaker
 -  Radio
 -  Voiceover

Employment History & Experience

Writer/Presenter and Interviewer/Presenter for Community Video
Productions, Education Dept.

Creative Writer, Glasgow Garden Festival Educational Project.

Education Officer, Scotland Street School Museum, European Social Fund and Education Dept.

Founder/Organiser:- Community Broadcast Network and CBN-News.

CEO to PIMCO Media Group (Uk)




 -  Comedian
 -  Drag
 -  Master of Ceremonies
 -  Speciality Act

Employment History & Experience

Performing with the Scottish Monologue Theatre, having a host of disguises-in-character positions, one must rely on accent and make-up contributions, as much as , in order to aim for authenticity.

As a Performing Poet with the Poets Press initiative a reliable sense of humour is always sought and safely served to suit.

With a trained voice, I have been fortunate to have been employed as a chorus member with Scottish Opera, and have recently recorded a CD of crooner-type favourites for fund raising purposes.

All in all, always willing to serve and entertain as and when required.

To quote the bard himself (Shakespeare, that is), "being your slave, what should I do but tend, upon the services and needs you require, I have no precious time at all to spend,nor services to do til you require..."

Physical Details

White/ Caucasian
Skin Colour:
5 ft 9 in
10 st 4 lb
Dress Size:
38 in
32 in
Shoe Size:
7 UK
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Hair Length:
Hair Style:

Languages Spoken

 -  British Sign (BSL)
 -  Chinese
 -  English
 -  French
 -  German
 -  Mandarin
 -  Punjabi

Experience & Qualifications

General Experience

Trained in Arts Administration with Scottish Society of Playwrights, Scottish Theatre News, and Writers & Actors Workshop.

Further on stage experience with Scottish Theatre Company productions at the Edinburgh International Festival.

Currently performing as Poet/Playwright with Poets Press Telegrams and Scottish Monologue Theatre.

Writer, Producer and Director with Community Video Productions for Education Department, Strathclyde Regional Council.

Writer and Presenter for International Garden Festival Project (1988),
and Creative Writer at Scotland Street School Museum.

Other Information

Relevant Skills

Trained as Arts Administrator with Scottish Arts Council for several years running an umbrella arts organisation including; the Scottish Society of Playwrights, Scottish Theatre News and Writers and Actors Workshop.

Employed as Interviewer/Presenter and Writer/Producer for Community video Productions; an Education Dept incentive, and
Creative Writer for the Glasgow Garden Festival 1988.

On stage with Scottish Theatre Company at 1984/5 Edinburgh International Festival as chorus member/actor:"The Thrie

Interests & Hobbies

As a fundraiser for a variety of charities, I have been fortunate enough to represent cancer research trusts and many other local events for both groups and individuals within the Strathclyde Region, and further afield, as and when required.

I enjoy travelling, entertaining and educating others in the creative fields within theatre, press and public relations areas.

Miscellaneous Information

Being in charge of my own work loads enables me to have a free diary for any possible interviews or presentations.

Travel is not a problem as I am willing to venture anywhere
in the UK and beyond for the right reasons.

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