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About Me

I am determined, ambitious, and hardworking. I always excel in everything I do, from acheiving Grade 6 in dance to Grade 6 in Violin to acting and performing in shows/concerts and carnivals. Playing in an Orchestra, singing in a choir, and playing electric violin in a band. I have finished all stages of my eduction, gaining high grades in each level, turning my head to modelling, catwalk shows, hair modelling, fashion, glamour and then finally one day, sending off an application form to a leading tv programme, and finding myself a couple of months down the line sitting on an Island filming SHIPWRECKED BATTLE OF THE ISLANDS which took a prime time slot on Channel 4 on Sunday Mornings and had top ratings. After that im ready for anything! I enjoy all forms of performing that cross my path infusing fun and enthusiasm along the way.



 -  Art Modelling
 -  Bikini/Swimsuit
 -  Catalogue
 -  Catwalk
 -  Commercials
 -  Fashion
 -  Music Videos
 -  Promotional

Employment History & Experience

Hair Model for Metropolis Hair Salon 2001-2003. I competed in various hair modelling competitions.

Various catwalk shows for fashion labels with envymodelmanagement.
Including Supremebeaing.

I did a catwalk show for an up and coming designer in America, this covered the event of Battle of the Quants

Fashion shoot for Daily Star
Lingerie shoots for magazines in Germany and Australia (Nuts, Zoo and FHM)
Glamour for The Daily Star
Glamour for The Daily Star Sunday (Centrefolds)
Glamour for LOADED magazine
Glamour for Nuts Magazine
Glamour for Zoo Magazine
Paparazzi for Zoo
Paparazzi for Nuts
Editorial for OK Magazine
Editorial for HEAT Magazine (Weekley)
Editorial for local Newspapers (The Chester Chronice/The Widnes Runcorn Chronice)
Window Model for Oakley Spring/Summer Fashion show
(MTV MUSIV VIDEO) Dan Baker - Butterflies
(CALENDER 2009) - Wild Orchid Calender Winner - Worldwide Blackjack Casino Chain - October Black Orchid
(CALENDER 2009) - The 4 girls of Shipwrecked
(TV EVENT) Britain's Next Top Urban Superstar Awards - Model/Host
(MTV BASE AND CHANNEL U MUSIC VIDEO) Fugative - Jimmy Shooes (Lead girl)


Vocal Skills

 -  Soprano

Instruments Played

 -  Violin

Employment History & Experience

Carnival Capers - Chorus Singer
Peter Pan - Chorus singer/Lost Boy
Cinderella - Chrosus singer/Jester

Second Soprano - Cantores Robensienes Chamber Choir 1997-2000

Classical violin
Prepatory grade - Pass
Grade 1 - Pass
Grade 2 - Distinction
Grade 3 - Merit
Grade 4 - Pass
Grade 5 - Merit
Praticaly Musicianship(Grade 6) - Pass

I also sing solo and harmony in a 6 piece band named The Stress. I also play electric violin in the band. It is very popular and we perform at bars/pubs/hotels and weddings mostly.



 -  Music Videos

Dance Skills

 -  Ballet

Employment History & Experience

Classical Ballet
Primary Grade - Pass
Grade 1 - Commended
Grade 2 - Honours
Grade 3 - Highly Commended
Grade 4 - Honours
Grade 5 - Pass Plus
Grade 6 - Pass

Danced in Pantomines and Carnivals

Taken up as a Hobbie at Pineapple Studios from 2001-present.


Employment History & Experience

(ADVERT) for Miracle Drywash Spray -
Jesus' Angel (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_m3hW6zZnE)
(ADVERT) for Fabulous News of the World Supplement - Woman
(TV SERIES) Hanrahan Investigates - Sandy Featured speaking role
T4 on Sunday - The Reunion Interview
(FILM) How to lose friends and alienate peoplpe
(ADVERT) Miracle dry wash car spray
(ADVERT) News of the world - Fabulous magazine
(MTV MUSIC VIDEO) Dan Baker - Butterflies
(TV EVENT) Britains Next op Urban Superstar Awards- Model
(MTV BASE AND CHANNEL U MUSIC VIDEO) Fugative - Jimmy Shooes (Lead girl)

Extras Work, Partipant, Contestant


 -  Commercials
 -  Film
 -  Film (Professional)
 -  Music Videos
 -  Promotional Work
 -  TV Audience
 -  TV Participant
 -  TV Shows

Employment History & Experience

Carnival Capers for various years
Cinderlla - Jester
Snow White and the Seven Dwafs - Princess of the palace
Peter Pan - Lost Boy
The Wilmslow Boy - Mrs.Wilmslow
Midsummer Nights Dream - Hermia
Romeo and Juliet - Juliet
Scapin - Directed full production for final degree production.
(TV SERIES) Hanrahan Investigates - Sandy Featured speaking role
(FILM) How to lose friends and alienate people - Socialite
(ADVERT) Miracle dry wash car spray - Jesus' angel
(ADVERT) News of the world - Fabulous magazine - Woman
(FILM) Temptation - Feature/speaking role of Jess (Indb credit)
(MTV MUSIC VIDEO) Dan Baker - Butterflies
(MTV BASE AND CHANNEL U MUSIC VIDEO) Fugative - Jimmy Shooes (Lead girl)

Physical Details

White/ Caucasian
Skin Colour:
5 ft 6 in
Dress Size:
8 to 10
34 in
27 in
30 in
Shoe Size:
5.5 UK
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Hair Length:
Hair Style:

Languages Spoken

 -  English

Experience & Qualifications

General Experience

I have always enjoyed performing, as my dance and music background shows. I also did various hair modeling and appeared in a Tony and Guy spring/summer hair show.
I joined an agency when I lived in London and took part in various tv adverts and was an extra in a film. I have appeared in music videos and also had a main role in a channel 5 docu-drama.
After appearing on channel 4s Shipwrecked Battle of the Islands, I then got signed with a popular agency in London and was represented by them where I did various modeling for magazines and papers. Now I have moved up North I am looking to do similar things to fit around my current studies.

Qualifications & Training

GCSE - A* Speech and Drama Lessons
A Level - B Performing Arts Dance/Music/Drama
2:1 BA Honours Drama Kingston University, London

Other Information

Interests & Hobbies

I enjoy film and going to live gigs. I love to cook (although I may not be too good at it) and I have a passion for japanese food. I enjoy travel and hope to one day see the world.

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