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Laura Elliott


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About Me

Hi there,
I am a 30 year old blonde female, 5’5. I weigh about 9 stone, with an athletic physique.
My main talent is riding horses, which I have been doing all my life. I play polo, having 13 horses currently, (a few too many!) I have raced in a few charity races and worked at a racing yard. I can jump and have hunted for several years, ride a dressage test etc. I am looking into side saddle lessons to add to my skills and can ride western style already, since this is similar to how a polo pony is ridden.

I also do pole fitness/pole dancing and aerial hoop for fun and to help keep fit and strong.

I’m very good with dogs and all other animals, having 3 lurchers and a spaniel of my own.

Another hobby I have is clay pigeon shooting, I have two shotguns and enjoy this sport.

When I’m not with the horses I’m often to be found on the beach as I also love to swim and paddle board, surfing would be the next sport I’d like to learn!


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