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About Me

Hi there! My name is Krishan Patel, I am a 26 year old, 5\' 11 (and 3/4 inch) British Indian male, and I am ridiculously passionate about acting and entertaining people, and have been keen to display my acting ability at any given opportunity since I was a child.

This involved taking/ being given the lead roles in all of my school plays and choosing to take drama at GCSE level, volunteering to put on drama shows at school open evenings, and doing a short film at college for a project.

Why did you stop there? You may ask! Unfortunately life got in the way, and I took a long break away from pursuing acting once I began college at 16, purely because it was apparent, that I needed a secure job to take on the responsibility of taking care of my family as there was no one else fit to do so. This meant all of my education from college onwards was directed towards securing a typical work role, which would make me financially better off in the years to come, at the cost of being forced to bury and deny what I was most passionate about for all these years.

However, after many years I have realised that I am not content with turning my back on what I am most passionate about in life, and I have realised now life is too short, to force yourself to be unhappy, regardless of the reasons, and I am now doing whatever I can to start doing what I should have 11 years ago, while there is still a chance that I can salvage the horrible mistake I made.

I am a funny, friendly, likeable, enthusiastic, emotional and diverse character.

I always strive to be a positive person and smile my way through the challenges life throws my way, but despite my friendly and smiley exterior, I have experienced a lot of hardship during my short life to allow me to call upon the many negative emotions and experiences, I have encountered, which means I have a very diverse range of experience to call upon.

So even though my acting experience is not as present as I would like, I feel my personality, combined with the experiences I have had in life, equip me with the natural skills and experience I need to be a great actor. Which is something I feel is the most difficult aspect of acting to learn or be taught.

Now I hope to be able to use these life experiences to drive my acting performances should I be given the chance to do so.

I realise in an industry as competitive as this I may seem to be significantly far behind my peers, but I still feel now, just as I did when I was much younger that I have something special I can bring to the screen that an audience can enjoy, and relate to. Even away from acting it has never stopped me from being known as the life of the party, and the source of the energy because of the charisma, positivity and humour I bring.

Feedback strangers, or friends have given to me over the years: you are life of the party, you make people laugh and smile, you made me want to cry, you do really good character impersonations, you do really good accents, you could act better than that, why aren\'t you acting?, you\'re a really good dancer, you have a good singing voice.

I may have lost out on not capitalising on my \'prime\' age for this industry, but at least I did not give up on my dreams for good, and realised and came back to do what I love most, and feel most natural being; a performer and entertainer.

I have always loved making people smile and laugh, which is why I fell in love with acting. Because whether is was a school play, final drama performance exam, or a college short film, the consistent feedback I always received from an audience, made it clear that they felt I was the stand out performer that they loved, and felt most emotionally connected to.

I feel the reason for this stems from the fact that I am that way in real life as well, and when you naturally have that ability it takes away half of the task in hand, because you are not so much acting, as much as you are just being yourself, and whether I am acting or not, I am grateful to possess that likability factor, which has continued to benefit me in my everyday life.

Thank you for taking the time to read this very long introduction, and I hope it has gave you some insight into who I am, and not scared you away from giving me a chance to do what I am most passionate about.

I look forward to hearing from you, and hope we will be able to do something special together.

Krishan Patel



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Asian/ Indian
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5 ft 11 in
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42 in
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11 UK
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