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About Me

I have recently started as a professional actor whilst having over 30 years acting experience in Am Dram in sketches, plays, monologues and a film.

My most recent work as been as a supporting artist with one as a featured SA.


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Showreel for Kevin Broadbent

Description: Showreel taken from: The Plan, One Life and Blitz and Bananas

Audio Reels

The Stage Manager - American Accent Shaowcase - Kevin Broadbent



 -  Film (Professional)
 -  Theatre (Professional)


 -  Birmingham
 -  London
 -  Northern Irish
 -  Posh
 -  Scottish
 -  South London
 -  Welsh
 -  Yorkshire
 -  General American
 -  New York City

Employment History & Experience

• Played Mary’s father in short play about their meeting with Joseph when she reveals that she is pregnant.
• Cameo but integral character (a main character's son) of 2012 feature film "Blitz & Bananas" about local life during WW11.
• Played Pontius Pilate twice in two very different plays - "Pilate on the Beach" and "One Life". The Pilate on the Beach character carried the play and was about Pilate looking back over his life whilst in exile. There was one point where I needed to get very emotional. The other play I was given licence to play him how I wanted. I chose arrogance and pride.
• Partner in Theatre Company "Out of Darkness" : writing and performing sketches based on a given theme, training small groups in the impact of drama and teaching some sketches.
• Some good accents : American (told to be NY), Welsh, Irish.
• Various characters in sketches whilst part of church based drama group : including a monologue as a man contemplating life after death which the preacher after said was one of the best he has preached off of.
• Voice over for UCB radio plug and a piece for dance teacher
• Written and performed a monologue about a stage manager who is informed that the guest is late and audience is early so needs to entertain them (American accent used).
• Played "Friend" in adaptation of Everyman play.
• Played Jesus - non speaking - acting from expressions and emotions only.


Extras Work, Partipant, Contestant


 -  Commercials
 -  Film
 -  Music Videos
 -  TV Shows

Employment History & Experience

Supporting Artist as a Reporter for sketch show
Supporting Artist as office worker in street– Aunt Bessie’s commercial
Background artist - BBC Christmas promo
Tour Manager - featured extra - Music video - walk down corridor miming to arriviste where the tour is going next (ignoring the fact she wasn't listening but texting).
Man in restaurant/man at bar - background artist in Bollywood movie
Office worker - background artist in Advert - interact with colleague and walk across room.

Physical Details

White/ Caucasian
Skin Colour:
5 ft 11 in
13 st 8 lb
Dress Size:
46 in
34 in
Shoe Size:
10.5 UK
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Hair Length:
Hair Style:

Languages Spoken

 -  English

Experience & Qualifications

General Experience

I have over 30 years in Am Dram in sketches, plays, monologues and a film. More recently I have been in paid work as a Background/Supporting Artist including one featured SA role as "tour manager" for a music video.

Qualifications & Training


Other Information

Relevant Skills

Acting both on screen and 'theatre'. Expressive face. Able to move eyebrows and ears (independently).

Interests & Hobbies

Writing (Author of The Naked Keyboard on Kindle), also write poetry and have written sketches and monologues. American crime drama fan.

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