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Kat Hitti

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About Me

I'm a singer/songwriter/dancer/teacher and model. There's nothing else I excell in more than performing. I spend ALL my spare time dancing or singing. I'm loud, outgoing, understanding, caring and take criticism with pride and try to learn from all my experiences, whether they be good or bad, professional or personal. I'm eager to try anything new and meet new personalities, and happy to learn new things. I'm a quick and easy learner, always happy to listen. You won't find anyone more honest to work with, I'm always reliable and 110% commited.

Audio Reels

The Scientist Cover - Kat Hitti
I Don'T Care (original Track Written By Me) - Kat Hitti
At Last Cover - Kat Hitti



 -  Music Videos
 -  Promotions
 -  Teaching
 -  TV



 -  Bikini/Swimsuit
 -  Commercials
 -  Fashion
 -  Music Videos
 -  Promotional

Employment History & Experience

- 2006 shoot for 'Sunshine Creations'
- 2007 shoot for 'Sunshine Creations'
- 2007 shoot with girl group 'Espree'
- 2008 shoot with girl gorup 'Espree'
- 2009 Model in 'Back to 99' video for Raw Linx. The link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPYI0M6tUQQ
- 2009 Fashion and Swimwear shoot for Booty Agency
- 2009 shoot with girl group 'The Charm'
- 2009 shoot for 'Sunshine Creations'
- 2010 shoot with girl group DICE
- 2010 shoot for Goldstone Peru clothing line
- 2010 shoot for Goldstone silver jewelry range (published online and in 'INQUIRE' magazine)
- 2010 Model in N Dubs music video for 'Girls'
- 2010 studio tfp shoot with Alexis Jaworski
- 2010 video shoot for Angha-West end girls-dancer/extra
- 2010 video shoot for DOTSTAR-Xpensive-belly dancer/model
-2010 video shoot for KRAY TWINS-Some boy-Model



 -  Band/ Group
 -  Competition
 -  Girl Band
 -  Pop Band
 -  Solo
 -  Teacher

Vocal Skills

 -  Alto
 -  Falsetto
 -  Pop

Instruments Played

 -  Keyboard
 -  Piano

Employment History & Experience

- Solo artist performance at 'The Excelsior Hotel' London 2000
- Singer for BYP 2000-2004
- Singer at Maidenhead Music Festival 1996-2004
- Singer at Tilehurst Music Festival 1997-2004
- Lead singer of 'Confuzion' 2004-2005
- G.C.S.E. Music - B
- A.S. Music - B
- Trinity Grade 8 snging exam - distinction
- Grade 6 piano
- Gigging singer 2005-2007
- Member of girl group 'Espree' 2006-2009
- Supported CHICO and FUNDAMENTAL 03 at Clapham Grand 2006
- Supported JEFFREY DANIEL and VOICES WITH SOUL at Fairfield Halls-Croydon 2007
- Supported LEMAR at Casino in Kent 2007
- Supported JOE on Valentines day 2008 at Hammersmith Apollo
- Supported OMARION at Shepherds Bush Empire 2008
- Private show for JOE and management 2008
- Showcases all over London and Reading as part of Espree
- Solo artist as 'miss Melody'-songwriting and recording
- Featured as miss Melody on MC Wolfy's track 'Music Game' 2007
- Peformance as miss Melody at a Hotel in Swindon 2006
- Singing teacher for Strictly Street Stage School-Reading 2007-2009
- Singing teacher for Shooting Stars-Reading 2007-present
- Private vocal coach and piano teacher for students in and around the Reading area 2007-present
- Covering singing teacher for Stage Coach-Maidenhead 2008 and 2009
- Singing teacher for Henley Stagecoach 2009 onwards
- Founder and member of girl group 'The Charm' 2009
- Singing teacher for Stagecoach Windsor 2009
- Singing teacher for Stagecoach Wokingham 2010 onwards
- Member of girl group DICE and featured on X Factor 2010
- Working solo artist and songwriter for other artists and projects 2010



 -  Choreography
 -  Club Dancing
 -  Live Events
 -  Music Videos
 -  Pole Dancing
 -  Teacher

Dance Skills

 -  Aerobic
 -  Ballet
 -  Belly Dancing
 -  Freestyle
 -  Hip Hop
 -  Jazz
 -  Modern Jazz
 -  Pole Dancing
 -  Rock & Roll
 -  Streetdancing

Employment History & Experience

- Studied Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz, Disco, Ballroom Latin, Hip Hop, Street, Character and National at the Allenova School Of Dance 1996-2005 and The London Theatre School 2007
- Soloist freestyler and dancer in Strictly Streets Xtreme show 2006
- Member of Myxology crew at the Hip Hop Championships 2006
- Member of Femme Fatale crew 2006-2008
- Femme Fatale performance and won first place at the UDO Southern Street Dance Championships 2006
- Femme Fatale invitational performace at the UDO World Street Dance Championships-Blackpool 2006
- Femme Fatale special appearance in UDC's Hip Hop show 2006
- Femme Fatales special appearance in Breakin' Convention-Wycombe Swan 2007
- Femme Fatale performance at the Hip Hop Championships 2007
- Femme Fatale special appearance at Newbury's black history month's show 2007
- Backing dancer for rap artist 4Fingaz at UK Unsigned 2007
- Backing dancer for 4Fingaz at Fez Club Reading 2007
- Dancer at Blue Bar- Reading 2006-2008
- Dancer at Brannigans-Reading 2006-2007
- Dancer at Bar Risa-Reading 2007
- Dancer at Fez Club-Reading 2007
- Dancer for DANCEKANDI at Sakura-Reading 2008
- Hip Hop/Street dance teacher for Shooting Stars-Reading 2007-present
- Dancer for Lethal Injection crew 2007-2008
- 2009 Feature dancer in 'Back to 99' video for Raw Linx the link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPYI0M6tUQQ
- Completed beginners poledancing course 2009
- Dance teacher for Oxford Stagecoach's 2009 onwards
- Hip Hop dance teacher for The Allenova School of Dancing-Thatcham and Newbury 2009 onwards
- Completed beg/inter poledancing routine course 2009
- Completed Intermediate poledancing course 2009
- Completed intermediate extension poledancing course 2009
- Dubstep freestyle dancer at 'iRave' event at Rehab-Swindon 2009
- Completed Advanced 1 poledancing course 2009
- Official principle of 'Shooting Stars' pop school for children and adult classes-Reading 2009
- Joined choreographer for Stagecoach Wokingham/Maidenhead hip hop crew entry for performance at 'Her Majesty's Theatre' London 2009
- Dance teacher for Stagecoach Twyford
- Sole choreographer for Henley Stagecoach 'Romeo and Juliet' piece at 'Her majesty's Theatre' London 2010
- Dancer in Angha-West end girls, music video 2010
- Belly dancer in Dotstar-Xpensive, music video 2010

Extras Work, Partipant, Contestant


 -  Commercials
 -  Magazine Features
 -  Music Videos
 -  TV Participant
 -  TV Shows

Employment History & Experience

- 2010 Model in N Dubs music video for 'Girls'
- 2010 studio tfp shoot with Alexis Jaworski
- 2010 video shoot for Angha-West end girls-dancer/extra
- 2010 video shoot for DOTSTAR-Xpensive-belly dancer/model
-2010 video shoot for KRAY TWINS-Some boy-Model

Physical Details

White/ Caucasian
Skin Colour:
5 ft 7 in
10 st 7 lb
Dress Size:
10 to 10
34 in
26 in
36 in
Shoe Size:
6 UK
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Hair Length:
Hair Style:

Languages Spoken

 -  English

Experience & Qualifications

General Experience

I'm a singer/songwriter/dancer from Reading but happy to travel also. I'm a full time dance and singing teacher currently working for numerous companies, theatre and private schools in Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. I have a current DBS, insurance and over 10 years teaching experience with references if required. Previously I have been in a couple of established girl groups, one being signed to an independent label and supporting many artists, and the other being featured on X Factor 2010; please see videos. I have also danced and modelled in a long list of videos and worked alongside a few photographers on a TFP basis. I am happy to consider this still as I'm always looking to keep my portfolio updated. I'm now writing alongside a couple of producers and taking my music more seriously as a solo artist/writer. I have my own studio set up I can work from. Hard working, reliable, adaptable and driven are the best words to describe me.

Qualifications & Training

1999- Distinction Grade 8 singing Trinity
2003- B GCSE Music
A GCSE Drama
B GCSE English
C GCSE Maths
2005-2008 BA Dance, London Theatre School
2008 GNVQ 3 Health and Social Care
2012-2013 ESL Language instructor TEFL247
2014- 2015 Advanced Professional Diploma in Teaching Contemporary Vocals
First Aid trained

Other Information

Relevant Skills

Musical Theatre Singer/Actress.
Trained Dancer-ISTD Modern, ISTD Jazz, RAD Ballet, Hip hop, Street, Tap, Contemporary, Ballroom Latin, National, Character, Belly dance, Pole.
Dance Teacher.
Performance Coach.
Musical Director.
Contemporary vocalist.
TV experience.
Stage performance.
Live shows.
Working with children as young as 3 to adolescent ages.
Experience working with adults and those with disabilities.
Arranging harmonies and backing vocals.
Basic keyboard technique.
Reading and understanding music and theory.
Voice technique.
Working and teaching by ear.
Using recording equipment. I have a portable studio including microphone, isolation shield, pop shield and software.
Microphone technique.
Backing vocals.
Editing and arranging music to suit individual students/artists.
Familiar with GCSE dance syllabus.

Interests & Hobbies

Going to the cinema
Going to the gym

Miscellaneous Information

Singing, Songwriting, Dancing, Acting.
I’m a hard working, reliable individual with over ten years experience teaching. Having worked with a wide range of people throughout many jobs, I feel adapting to new roles and new classes of students and individual artists is an easy transition for me.
I aim to bring a lot of energy and fun to my work but focus carefully on keeping a fair balance of order. I like to use current commercial music as well a musical theatre to extend the students understanding of singing, dancing and performing and also to keep interest amongst my classes by incorporating other styles and genres.
I have musically directed, co directed and co choreographed a huge amount of shows for both primary and secondary ages and am efficient in lesson planning in order to create the final product in a tight time frame.
I offer one to one training as well as group classes and have experience working with all walks of life and personal circumstances.
I’m very passionate about music and teaching performing arts and helping those build confidence and satisfactory technique in their singing, dancing and overall performance.

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