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About Me

I am currently pursuing a career in TV and Radio presenting and hoping to use this as a launch pad to make myself a genuine media personality, with the ultimate goal being to become a TV presenter but also much further down the line writing my own content for TV and film.
I am articulate, quick-witted and engaging, as well as cool under pressure, as you so often have to be when something goes wrong in a studio. I am cheeky but never rude in my style and seem to naturally build a rapport with those I interview, whether on radio or for a podcast. I am also not afraid to use fairly intellectual references, I have a History Degree from The University of Leeds and am capable of being a bit of a History geek, but definitely am grounded in pop culture and I believe that these two disparate sides of my personality are part of what makes me a good presenter.
I believe presenting is not only about the relay of information but also about having fun and making the audience feel like they are part of a special club that only you and they belong to and that’s what I love about it. Given that I am only 22 years old I believe that I have great potential and my career will only keep progressing and I am willing to prove myself for any given opportunity.

Audio Reels

Short Highlights From Breakfast Show, Wed 6.7.10 - Joe Forrester
Highlights Of Links From Breakfast Show, 2nd Hr, 23/9/10 - Joe Forrester

Experience & Qualifications

General Experience

I currently present the Breakfast Show on Hayes FM (91.8FM or which is obviously one of, if not the most, high-profile slots on the station and hence is a great deal of responsibility and hopefully also a testament to my ability and potential. I have experience of interviewing and presenting not only from radio but also from my work as Podcast Presenter for Plink London ( where I have responsibility for the entire process of the interview: from writing the script, recording the interview and editing then releasing as a podcast and helping to market it. I have also worked at high-profile South West London radio station, 107.8FM Radio Jackie, where I did travel and have intermittently worked as a Runner for BSkyB Creative, giving me an insight into the production side of the industry. In addition to this I have completed a number of short courses at Roehampton University, including TV Presenting and Interviewing.

Qualifications & Training

BA History, Grade 2:1 English Literature A
'Writing Journalism: Film, Theatre and Literature' (Short Course)
'Introduction to Podcasting' (Short Course)
'Storytelling for the Creative Industries' (Short Course)
'Interviewing for Television and Radio' (Short Course)
'Presenting to Camera: An Introduction to Television Presenting' (Short Course)
English Literature A Level (Grade A)
Film Studies A Level (Grade A)
History A Level (Grade B)

Other Information

Relevant Skills

My time in radio has taught me the importance of nuance and of different approaches for different circumstances, something I am able to handle skilfully and that I believe would translate well to both TV presenting and voice work.
I have radio presenting skills, including: using systems such as Myriad or Simian; writing and implementing a programme log or running order; I also have extensive experience of interviewing; from researching and writing the interview script, to conducting the interview, editing it using a variety of editing software and releasing it as a podcast with an accompanying article.
Also, I have completed courses at Roehampton University that have given me the ability to translate my radio presentation skills to presenting in front of camera and also others that have enhanced my interviewing, script-writing and article-writing skills.

Interests & Hobbies

I am a keen fan of pop culture and am aware of the latest developments in music, film, TV and online media. Conversely however, I am a keen History and Current Affairs enthusiast and am interested in learning in general. I am a keen reader and have always been intrigued by language itself and it's ability to be so transient and subtle, making me an articulate and engaging host to listen to.
I am also a big sports fan, especially football and cricket, and can talk at length and with confidence about a variety of sports. This is also true of movies, books, television and music.

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