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About Me

A positive and happy person that can adapt to all people and situations very easily. Always looking to push myself into new mental and physical situations and forever looking for a challenge

Languages Spoken

 -  Afrikaans
 -  English
 -  Zulu

Experience & Qualifications

General Experience

I did some amatuer modeling as a teenager and 1 photo shoot. I've taken a improvisation course, we studied and portrayed the characters in harold pinter's Betrayal.

Qualifications & Training

2 day presenting course with live at five, average guitar playing and a resonable singer, song writing. A life time of bbq entertainment.

Other Information

Relevant Skills

The Guy at the BBQ keeping the boring people entertained! Average guitar, drumming and singing skills. Good skills on 2 wheels!

Interests & Hobbies

Motorcross, mountain biking, gym, guitar/singing, drumming, writing lyrics and poems and loving my girlfriend!

Miscellaneous Information


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