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James Mork

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About Me

Retired US military member turned actor. Energetic, willing to do what it takes to get the job done. Love acting, family and friends. I have worked in many different fields, such as construction, retail, military, and management. Ian always Looking for new challenges.


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"Secret Avengers: The Coldest War" : Crossbones, Voice only

Description: Five years after the events of Avengers: Civil War, Captain America and his team face off against old foes, with disastrous results. Starring: Amelia Conway as Black Widow Brian Thompson as Captain America Anthony Rock as Bruce Banner Amelia Forsyth-Smith as Scarlett Witch Stacey Mork as Sharon Carter Jim Mork as Crossbones Sushant Adlakha as Falcon Binksforce as Kilgrave Mia Rose as Reporter Directed By Mario Durán Araujo Thanks for watching!


Gods favorite





Extras Work, Partipant, Contestant

Languages Spoken

 -  English

Experience & Qualifications

General Experience

2019 -
Oct - Sudden Death at Thornbury Manor : Dr, Harold Williams (bunbury players)
Oct - Who killed the Pop Star - A Murder Mystery Play : Cutbert Thompsom (bunbury players)
21 Sep 2019: Red Method (music video) an Extra
8 Aug 2019: Bayley Drew Productions - "Dr, Who: A new Dawn" : Lieutenant Serrill, Voice only
14 Jun 2019 Ivan (director Roland Oliver) : DDR Commissioner
27 Apr 2019 Stop Motion Marvels "Secret Avengers: The Coldest War" : Crossbones, Voice only https://youtu.be/LBkUsQ0VJbU
20 Apr 2019 Dcreative Studio , Bollywood "Password" : voice over
28 Dec 2018 - Stop Motion Marvels (Utube)
21 Feb 2018 - Ear Model Stacey Beauty Boutique (Newmarket)
25 Jan 2018 - Attend Kingdom Drama School Apr 2018-Mar 2019(London)
15 Apr 2018 - Viva Arts & Community Group Ltd "The Vicar of Dibley" (Soham) "Extra"
23 Apr 2018 - Attending Acting school, Kingdom Drama London.
1 Sep 2011 - 10 Nov 2016 - RAF Mildenhall Hauntworld.

Qualifications & Training

Kingdom Drama School London Mar 2018-Maqr 2019
Private Tutor Wellmade Theatre Co. Mar 2019-present

Other Information

Relevant Skills

construction, management, military, retail sales. sports

Interests & Hobbies

bowling, games, diy projects,

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