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About Me

i always find these type: about me sections a very odd way to brief people on what im about. but here it is, most of my life i have been able to engage with people in all enviroments. outspoken broad minded adaptable are just some of my core features, but i consider creative diversity to produce ideas out of thin air to build on the content layers. i currently have a electrical tech job which is giving me the freedom to venture into the big chaotic ocean of creative arts. i see myself as a lone wolf in life and the experiences i have been around some funny/self rewarding, some tragic/hard hitting/prospective molding have certainly given me a humbling rounded personality. unique not of the norm is the advantage to stand out in the business of which i so hungrily want to create/deliver a real window into the soul and stories of all substances cultures prospectives and of course true humanity of what the creative arts is driven by. this is a taste of the person i am and what i have to offer. i am open to any projects to test my gile and forge a start in a craft i wish to persue.

dont hesitate to contact me via email/phone

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