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About Me

Hei :)

My name is Cristina and I am 19 years old singer-songwriter. I've been doing music since I was 6 years old and start writing songs since I was 16. My type of music is R&B, Soul, Dancehall and Afrobeat. Also, since I was little I used to do gigs almost every night in the centre of San Teodoro (city of Italy) so I consider that I don't have any problem with performing around big stages or audience.

Please, leave me your email and I will send you some of my songs.

Audio Reels

Tu - Me
Do It Again - Me


Languages Spoken

 -  English
 -  Italian
 -  Romanian
 -  Spanish

Experience & Qualifications

General Experience

I usually do my music Full time and also have a part-time job on the side.
At the age of 16, I started as a waitress than by the age of 18 getting a job in a Snappy snap as a photographer and sale assistant.

Qualifications & Training

Level 1 in Conel college 2016\17 in MUSIC MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS
Level 2 In Conel college 2017/18

Degree in Production business and management- Westminster University 2018/20

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