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Emily Searle Brooks

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About Me

I like to think of myself as a bright and happy young person with a lot of drive and ambition to succeed. My main aim in life is to pursue a career in the voice over industry or acting for film and TV. I live to entertain and feel that my fresh and vibrant take on life can help me to do that for many years to come.

Audio Reels

Voicereel - Emily Searle Brooks
Why Or When - Emily Searle Brooks
Rewind - Paulo Nutini
If The Lights Go Out - Katie Melua
Zero To Zero - Original Piece - Emily Searle Brooks
Make You Feel My Love - Adele
Sweet Mistakes - Ellis Paul
My Sweet Song - Toby Lightman (performed By Me)
Sound Blessings - Emily Brooks



 -  Film (Student)
 -  Musicals
 -  Teaching
 -  Theatre (Professional)
 -  TV


 -  Birmingham
 -  Black Country
 -  Cockney
 -  Liverpudlian
 -  London
 -  Posh
 -  Scottish
 -  General American
 -  Southern American
 -  Texas
 -  Dublin
 -  French
 -  German
 -  Indian
 -  Italian
 -  Polish
 -  Russian

Employment History & Experience

Throughoutt my life I have had various experiences with theatre and accents have quickly become my strong point as they seem to come naturally. My main strength on stage is without a doubt comedy! However with the little experience I have with television, I feel that I would need bigger character challenges that sticking to the norm as I'm quite a strong character myself!


Specialist Areas

 -  Adventure
 -  Comedy
 -  Education
 -  Film
 -  Health & Fitness
 -  Music
 -  Performing Arts
 -  Travel
 -  Video Gaming
 -  Voiceover
 -  Wildlife/ Animals

Employment History & Experience

Sadly I am currently lacking in experience as a presenter but I am very eager to obtain some! I am not one to by shy in front of the camera and am happy to work alongside any 'mishaps' or unexpected changes as I have studied improvisation as part of my degree for 2 years now so am more than ready to deal with the unexpected.

I have experience as a voice over artist having worked as an online mystery shopper which required me to be confident with a variety of accents and voices and be convincing so the client didn't suspect anything strange.

I have also done voices for student films and animations



 -  Competition
 -  Composer
 -  Solo

Vocal Skills

 -  Alto
 -  Mezzo-Soprano
 -  Pop
 -  Rock
 -  Soprano

Instruments Played

 -  Piano

Employment History & Experience

I have been in choirs since a young age however through the years I have developed my own sound and begun to play around with recording equipment and begin to truly find my voice. I recently entered and got through the OpenMic UK singing competition and performed again in October 2010.

I am currently writing my own material.



 -  Film (Student)
 -  Musicals
 -  Panto
 -  Show Dancing
 -  Theatre (Professional)

Dance Skills

 -  Aerobic
 -  Ballet
 -  Disco
 -  Tap

Employment History & Experience

Ballet - 2 years at a college level
Tap - 2 years at a college level
Disco - general dance
Theatre - general show dances chreographed with songs



 -  Clown
 -  Mime

Employment History & Experience

I tend to play 'the clown' in most pieces at University and am currently compiling my Practice as Research for final presentation based around the famale clown.

I am confident with my clown and feel she is more than ready to make an appearence in the professional world if she is invited to!

Extras Work, Partipant, Contestant


 -  Film (Student)
 -  TV Participant

Employment History & Experience

In December 2009 I participated in a BBC Drama called 5 Daughters as an extra. It was my first time on a television set and I enjoyed it so much I caught the TV bug! Working with tv and film is fast becoming my main goal as an actress.

Physical Details

White/ Caucasian
Skin Colour:
5 ft 3 in
9 st 10 lb
Dress Size:
8 to 12
34 in
31 in
34 in
Shoe Size:
5 UK
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Hair Length:
Hair Style:

Languages Spoken

 -  English
 -  German
 -  Thai

Experience & Qualifications

General Experience

My main experience is on the stage, both centre and backstage and have always stepped up to be stage manager for performances whenever possible. I love to be at the heart of a piece. However my experience on the film set left me wanting more!

Qualifications & Training

National Diploma Performing arts (MUSICAL THEATRE)

First aid in schools certificate

Other Information

Relevant Skills

I have been singing since a very young age and spent just under a year as a part time singing teacher. My acting and dance experience has provailed through school, college right through to the present day. I keep looking for opportunities to improve.

Interests & Hobbies

I love to scuba dive having been surrounded by it for a long time and also love other outdoor sports such as rock climbing and caving. I also love trampolining and gymnastics, however my biggest love affair is with huge thrill rides. If I could live at alton towers I would!

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