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About Me

Hi im Daz Stokes 43 yr old guy from Redditch in Worcestershire! Im a big personality with a big heart and a love of people! I believe im a born entetainer and waiting for that big break!

Experience & Qualifications

General Experience

I have various experience having appeared on TV alot over the years.From being on Keynotes(1991)Catchphrase(1992)Brucie'sPriceIsRight(1996)100%(1998)The Weakest Link(2000)Biggest Game In Town(2001)Perserverance(2005) Deal or no Deal(2006)Dirty Rotten Cheater(2007)as a contestant.In 2004 i appeared as a top 5 finalist in 'I Carn't Believe Im Not Famous"
competition in The Sun,In 2005 i was The Cowboy in The Big Brother Talk Talk ident commercial.In 2008 i appeared on C4's Coach Trip with my mom Betty as a contestant.And recently appeared on C4's Big Brothers Big Mouth as an audience member.Also worked on the Coach Trip Podcast this year as the gossip bitch!

Qualifications & Training

English Lit,Lang CSE2,
Maths CSE3,
Biology CSE3,
History CSE4,Geography CSE5,
Physics CSE5.

Other Information

Relevant Skills

Good all rounder.
Big personality,lots of fun
a real People's person!

Interests & Hobbies

Big Eurovision Song Contest Fan,
Love The Carry On Films,And Radio 2
Theatre,Socialising,Shopping,DIY,attend a
Spiritualist Church every week.

Miscellaneous Information

Within my 43 years ive had the best time ever!
All im waiting for now is my big chance!
Is it time for Dazzling 'Daz' to shine!

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