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About Me

Greying, bearded, craggy and a bit lumpy round the middle, but with a keen interest and a stand out personality. Willing to try almost anything at almost any time. 52 years old and softly spoken with a gentle scots accent, but I can sound harsh, mean, polite and friendly all at one time if you want.


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DM Gardener

Description: Just 'why not?'

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Voice Sample - David Milne - David Milne 160713



 -  Corporate
 -  Film (Professional)
 -  Film (Student)
 -  Radio
 -  TV


 -  Posh
 -  Scottish
 -  Scottish Highlands

Employment History & Experience

1993 (approx) Non- Speaking - Series of Helicopter safety videos - paid,
2010 - Speaking - Documentary film 'You've Been Trumped' - unpaid
2015 - Speaking - Documentary film ' A Dangerous Game' - unpaid
2010 - 2015 Several speaking roles (3+) Student films - unpaid
2016 Hello Au Revoir, feature film, Actor, speaking role, unpaid



 -  Commercials
 -  Corporate
 -  Radio
 -  Student
 -  Voiceover

Specialist Areas

 -  Business
 -  Corporate
 -  Documentary
 -  News/ Current Affairs
 -  Public Speaker
 -  Technology/ Gadgets
 -  Voiceover

Languages Spoken

 -  English

Experience & Qualifications

General Experience

Hi I'm an easy going friendly individual who can turn nasty when needed to. I have taken part in a few safety videos (paid), two award winning documentary films (unpaid, several documentaries for TV (unpaid) and am currently doing some paid voice over work

Qualifications & Training

Nothing for this industry

Other Information

Relevant Skills

Business man and senior corporate executive as well as labourer and manual worker at different times in my life. I have a great deal of life experience to bring to the work as required.

Interests & Hobbies

Photography, Creative writing, Art, Environment and a whole lot more that probably isn't relevant including building my own house, complete, and all the issues the construction industry raises.

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