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About Me

Clifford is a recently retired barrister looking to get further into acting, modelling and voiceover work in the UK. He has great voice and presence and was born in 1952 (saves getting out of date put that way!) He has already done quite alot of jobs and these are reflected in his 'experience' section. He has also uploaded a showreel and voice clip.

Audio Reels

bit o' Shakespeare - Clifford Allison

Experience & Qualifications

General Experience

2008 Car tyre
Commercial Honda Hybrid commercial
Malcolm Ryan Studios

2008 Life model
Workshops Drawing classes
Jutta Gloeckner Richmond Adult College

2008 Wrestler
Still Photos Wrestling shoot
Paul Riddell
Hitchin, Herts

2008 Resurrected drunk
Film (Short) Being and Nothingness
Micheal Woods FRSA
Barnes, London

2008 Neighbour
Music Video The Streets: Eveything is Borrowed
Rozan and Schmeltz Partizan
Peckham, London

2008 successful auction bidder
Film By the Grace of God
Michelle Eastwood NFTS
33 Portland Place London

2008 Life model
Workshops drawing group
William Warren Art Workers Guild
Queen Sq Bloomsbury

2008 Caesar Augustus
Film (Docu) Egypt 2
Dan Atlantic Productions/National Geographic
Park Royal Studios

2008 Businessman
TV Marriage and Inheritance (Russian soap)
Russian Jackal Productions
City of London locations

2008 Testimonial
Commercial Bath Comfort Waterbed
Dan Corby Space City Productions

2008 Street Trader
Film (Short) You Are Most Welcomed
Ela Tutajewicz
South Bank, London

2008 Model in crowded car/s
Still Photos Feature
Daily Mail
Worx Studios

2008 Partygoer
TV Trinny and Susannah - Finale
Cafe de Paris

2008 Life model
Workshops drawing/painting workshop
Woodhouse College

2008 Life model
Workshops Drawing workshop
Nils Salon Gallery

2008 Archaeologist
Commercial Sticks (T-Mobile)
Tunbridge Wells

2008 Fritzl
Still Photos fashion shoot
Highbury Studios

2008 Victorian gent
Film (Feature) The Wolfman
Jim Johnston Wolfman Productions Ltd
Greenwich Park

2008 The Master
Film (Short) Oh Master
Nick Earp Subvi
Antenna Studios and London locs

2008 Simulated patient
Corporate OSCE
Susan Clark Imperial Coll Med Sch
Charing Cross Hospital

2008 Period gent
Film (Feature) Bright Star
Jane Campion Bright Star Limited
Luton Hoo Farm, Bedfordshire.

2008 Life model
Workshops drawing sessions
Voila Art Gallery
1a Turville Street, London

2008 Bingo winner
TV Fonejacker
Hat Trick Productions
Newington Green

2008 Viagra enthusiast
TV Viagra's 10th birthday
Virgin Media
Shacklewell Street Studios London

2008 Grandfather
Canon photocopier commercial
Jan Lane Not to Scale
Hampshire Street Studios, London

2008 Life model
Workshops Painting/drawing workshops
Mall Galleries

2008 model
TV Trinny & Susannah

2008 Contributor
Commercial Karcher Infomercial
Pitch Television
Wheathampstead Herts

2008 Man on Balcony
Corporate BBC1 "Capes" ident
Matt Losasso Red Bee Media
Hammersmith, London streets

2008 actor (physical theatre)
Reluctant Raconteurs
Stella Glockner
Chisenhale Dance Space London

2008 Father/husband
Film Brown Bread
Leighton Herdson Verbatim Productions

2008 Hanging chilli pepper
Still Photos Art photography project
Nathaniel Renouf

2008 Tony (medical researcher)
Film A Pack of Pain
Pawel Regdosz Dynamind Productions
Aldgate East

2008 Recovered biker
Prostap 3 commercial
Keith Butterfield Oak Creative Partners
West Park Studios Bedford

2008 Commentator
Cries for Peace
Nikki Sanni
Trent Park, Cockfosters

2008 Sculpture life model
Workshops Tutored sculpture class
Pam Twickenham Comm Coll
Clifden Centre

2008 Artistic nude
Still Photos
Barnaby Newton
Lettice Street Studios London

2008 Lead actor (presenter)
Film Revival
Nick Hynes London College of Communication

2008 participating audience member
TV It Pays to Watch
Channel 5

2008 Penguin in snow
Naked Penguins Save The Earth
Jonny Grant Irresistible Films Ltd
MK Ski venue

2008 artistic nude
Camberwell School of Art
Kathy Meytscoba London University

2008 Model on Flypaper
Commercial Malarone
Matt Wyatt
Battersea Studio

2007 News Reporter
Voice Over A Sad Case
Sam Rogers Recorded from home

2007 Principal Speaker
Corporate Citizenship
Tom Wilson Borough Law Limited
Central Hall Westminster

2007 Bearded nymph
Music Video 'Blind' Hercules and Love Affair
Black Island Studios, Ealing

2007 life model
Drop in art class
Islingtom Arts Factory

2007 model
Still Photos Naked Britain
Anastasia Trahanas
LAFTV Studios

2007 audience
TV What Where When
Objective Productions
Wired Theatre, Charlotte Street

2007 Boss
Film (Feature) Alcohol Abuse
Barry Welch Digitex
Aldenham, Herts

2007 Man in air raid shelter
Film (Student) Shelter

2007 Aged raver
Film (Student) Funki
Bournemouth Media School
Barking streets

2007 Mannequin
Musical Natalia Showcase
Upper 11 records
Maya Club, Soho

2007 St Peter
Still Photos
Jasmine Blatt South Bank University

2007 Cornish grave digger
Workshops Murder mystery
John Capital Murder

Qualifications & Training


Other Information

Relevant Skills

Clifford will try anything at least once and looking through his credits proves it! He is very self motivated, got on the Internet and found these jobs, auditioned and performed successfully in all the areas he is am keen on.

Interests & Hobbies

Acting, modelling, voice work.

Miscellaneous Information

well spoken and bespectacled (can operate without glasses). Not traditionally good looking. Larger frame and distinctive presence.

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