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About Me

Hello, I am a 23 year old infantry soldier based in Chester however there is a lot more to me than that and i would like to leave the Army and persue my pation of acting and theatre performing, I am about 5 ft 6/7 with an athletic body and have a lot of stories to tell.
I am married with no children.
At the moment I don't drive but will be getting a new car in the new year.
I am a hard worker and I will strive to perform a well as I can, i am also good at retaining information.
Before the army i used to cut down trees and was a lead singer in a band for a couple of years, i was also homeless a lot around this time and learnt life skills around 17 years old.
Growing up in Poland i have a large understanding of agriculture, plants, fungi and animals i make Bear Grylls look like a cub scout.
I do some form of fitness nearly everyday if not for work than in my own time aswell, i have also been part of the Army boxing team.
If there is anymore information you desire to know about me i will happily answer anything.



 -  Musicals
 -  Panto


 -  Birmingham
 -  Cockney
 -  Essex
 -  Geordie
 -  Liverpudlian
 -  Manchester
 -  Northern England
 -  Northern Irish
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 -  Polish

Employment History & Experience

Litterally only things organised by schools and colleges, without being bigheaded i've always been put in a main role even after auditions have finished (due to domestic issues i wasn't able to go at the dates needed and people have been very kind to me in the past.)



 -  Band/ Group

Vocal Skills

 -  Pop
 -  Rock

Instruments Played

 -  Guitar

Employment History & Experience

I was in a couple bands during my time before the army and it quickly became my main source of income, i was the lead singer every time and i played guitar on and off during this vouple year period, when we recorded i added what little i know of key playing.

Physical Details

White/ Caucasian
Skin Colour:
5 ft 7 in
11 st 1 lb
Dress Size:
30 in
Shoe Size:
8 UK
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Hair Length:
Hair Style:

Languages Spoken

 -  Polish

Experience & Qualifications

General Experience

Other general experience, i went to school in Poland in 2007/08 where i acted in a school play were i was given the main role half way through the practice phase.

Honestly 1 more thing that may set me aside from everyone else is that I have a great understanding of percieving the emotions of others, to me a conversation is like a game of chess where the check mate is making the emotional outcome of the other person is exactly how i invisioned and this is the truth.

Qualifications & Training


Other Information

Relevant Skills

I have a lot of military quals and skills that can help add professionalism to shows etc.
I have a hunger to perfect any challenge thrown at me.
I am good with audiances and can be charismatic often.
I am physically fit and I can do a lot of physical work without exersion.
I can speak, read and write Polish fluently

Interests & Hobbies

I play guitar,
I keep weapons of my own (legally) so I train with them only occasionally now.
I like to visit places with my wife.
I see my family but not often enough, that is something I enjoy when we finally see each other.

Miscellaneous Information

So I am happily married to 24 year old Edith Rose Burnage
I am the oldest of 6
It goes me
Michał Burnage 22
Ryana Burnage 18
Emilia Burnage 15
Charlie lonewolf Burnage 12
Miles Burnage 1
My father is Simon Burnage 56

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